India, Nepal · 3 Days · 42 Moments · May 2017

Rahul's tour through Nepal

20 May 2017

Reached Bhangabagad At 8.20 Break for Tea and Breakfast of Boiled Chickpea and Bengal Gram Wonderful breakfast. Not expected the taste at such a location.. it was good.
Last night couldn't sleep properly. Woke up at 5.00 Had a bath Feeling fresh Had a Tea and Samosa at a nearby Tea stall Preparing to start the trek
Started again Crossed the International Boarder Entered Nepal again by Jhulapul Today target to Reach Village Garmora and my Mining Lease Area
Sleepless Night. Couldn't sleep bcoz of the noise of ceiling fan. Still awake. Morning i have to start the trek and this night turning to hell. All courtesy TRC Dharchula

19 May 2017

Sleepless Night. Couldn't sleep bcoz of the noise of ceiling fan.
Long day What an interesting day. Travelling through nepal and at many locations was in touch with Indian cellular network. Talked at home whenever signals were there. Reached Daarchula the Nepali side. Parked the Innova in Nepal and Planned to stay on the Indian side in 'TRC Dharchula' After all nothing good like having the Indian Food.
3.38 p.m Reached ' DAARCHULA' International Boarder Indian Side its 'DHARCHULA' A small wired bridge <JHULAPUL> connecting two viallges of two countries. A river dividing two countries making International boundary. Beautiful River <KALI NADI> Two small villages. Simple living. Saw children playing on the Nepal side without any worries, there innocence made me stop over and clicked a pic of them. Nepalis come to Indian part to get all their daily needs, many daily wages labour come to Indian side for work and go back by evening. Nepal is entirely dependent on India for its all needs.
International Boarder Just touched India again What a feel touching motherland again Had a chat with SSB officer and returned back Again to Nepal India checkpost- Baluakote Nepal Checkpost- Dattu 3.38 p.m
Few Pics clicked on way 2.32 p.m
Mallikaarjun Temple One of very old Temple of Lord Shiva 1.57 Maillkaarjun Temple
Few pics ont he way. Step Farming
Side by Side River Chamelia experience is awesome Weather turned hot now as we reached valley Temperature 34C 1086 Mtr above sea level In morning we were at around 2500 mtr above sea level and temperature was 14C Entered District Daarchula 12.43 Chamelia Bridge
Passing through Village Nawali 11.44 a.m
Tea Break A view of Jhoolaghat, India Enjoying tea 11.10a.m Bashali Baitadi
Another beautiful place Patan 9.24 a.m Patan
Another Check Entry Post @Khopade Here is a diversion for Bhitad. Bhitaf is 40 Kms approx from here. I will give the details for this place later. 8.39a.m Khopade
Another Check Entry Post. @ Anarkholi District Baitadi Starts from here. 8.21 a.m Anarkholi
Heading towards Baitadi. 78 kms more to go for a break. This is the Hospital made by Britishers for Leprosy. They have left the place now handed over to Nepal Government. 7.53 a.m On way
Remembering my school days. A 60 years old Senior Secondary School behind the Hotel. 7.22 a.m Dadeldhura
Making an omlette is a art. Trying my hand for breakfast. I love making omlette. 6.44 a.m Dadeldhura
A wonderful morning Just woke with the swirling flags noise. See the beauty of Nature. As if its saying something to you. 5.12 a.m Dadeldhura

18 May 2017

@Tudikhel- Dadeldhura, Nepal French VSOP & Awesome weather Life time Experience 7.25 p.m
1800 AD Amargarhi Fort Of Gorkha's In Dadeldhura Made this fort for expansion of their empire. Later defeated by britishers in 1814 AD in dehradoon 6.31 p.m
Checked in Hotel Saubari Heights Dadeldhura Nepal Wonderful Place Awesome Views 6.06 p.m
Another stay for fuel. Getting fuel on every station to ensure no shortage of fuel in any case of any 'Band'. 5.30 p.m Dundane
What a wonderful place- Bhatkada. All over potato farming. Lush Green Farms 5.21 p.m
Started again for Dadeldhura. We will stay overnite there. Hailstone started with Rain. Its awesome weather. Temprature dropped to 14 C. When we started Twmo was 37 C at Mahendranagar. 23 degree drop of temperature in 130 kms 4.53 p.m On way
Wooow...Started Raining
Another break for Tea. Shahukhark 4.39 p.m
This place is Ghanteshwar. A Temple of Lord Mahadev (Shiva)is situated here. Place names after Mahadev's Temple. Gave a shower to my Innova and relaxed for a while keeping legs under a water pipe from a spring. 4.20 p.m
Aaahhh....Another Entry Check Post. I have seen travelling all over Nepal that there are number of Entry Check Points, where u have to register your vehicle and mention the destination and the number of passengers. 3.20 p.m Place- Buder, Nepal
Halt at Sahajpur for Lunch. Thanks to wife. She packed Poori and Parantha's. Had a cup of Ginger Tea. Just check the Liquor Shop. Its all over Nepal. You can get Liquor almost anywhere without problem. 2.23 p.m
1.48 p.m on way A bunch of Nepali Dates. Best thing to regain energy.
Bought a french Brandy 'Bardinet'may be required later in hills later.
Just Had Breakfast at Hotel Opera. Previously i have come to this Hotel 3 times. A nice place to stay for transit. Food is ok . Just had breakfast. Now getting paper work done at RTO office for the Innova for further travelling. You have to pay taxes for Indian Vehicle for use of Roads.
Custom Clearance. Got a new vehicle number from Nepal Traffic Police. 10.36 a.m
Crossing Indo Nepal Boarder 10.17
Crossing boarder 9.51
Reached Banbasa 9.28 a.m
Reached Khatima 9.00 a.m
Lovely Nanak Sagar Dam 8.39 a.m
Started Journey today 18th day of May 2017 at 7.30 a.m from Haldwani. Heading towards Mahendranagar Crossing Sidcul Sitarganj Its 8.09 a.m