North America, Asia · 8 Days · 43 Moments · August 2017

Raheel's journi to Saudi Arabia

31 August 2017

On to mudhdalifa
In Arafat, waiting for the big day to start.
Getting ready for Arafat.

30 August 2017

In Mina.

29 August 2017

Inshallah leaving for Mina in a few hours.
Alhumdolillah. Umrah completed.

28 August 2017

Arrived at the villa in Azizia. A quick fresh up and then head over to perform the Umrah inshallah.
Stopped on the way to Makkah to pray ASR and Magrhib.
Boarding the bus to Makkah Shareef. Labaik Allahumma Labaik.
Sleep schedule the last few days. But I am ready for more alhumdolillah.
I have no words to describe the mercy of Allah. Alhumdolillah I got another opportunity to pray in Riyadh-ul-Jannah. Prayed Tahajjud, Nafl and Fajr prayer. Stayed for over 3 hours. Allahu Akbar.

27 August 2017

24 hours later we are still in Madinah Shareef. A last minute change of plans worked out for the best. Inshallah leaving for Umrah tomorrow. We will be donning the ihraam for zuhr inshallah.
Some friends suggested we explore a market a little ways away from our normal route. Turned out to be a great decision.
The sabz gunbad in all its glory right after fajr. A beautiful sight.
Visiting Jannatul Baqi after fajr.

26 August 2017

Sitting in Masjid-e-Nabvi with the green dome in sight. Isha is approaching but the masjid, and for that matter, the entire city is filled with Allah's blessings and my Prophet (swt) 's noor. We leave for Hajj tomorrow, but the heart longs to stay here forever. May Allah give everyone an opportunity to as salam to Prophet (swt). May Allah give us the opportunity to come back to visit his beloved again, and perhaps find a way to keep us here forever.
Alhumdolillah. I got the honor to pray in Riyadh-ul-Jannah. First row and right next to the Prophet (SWT) mimbar. What a humbling experience. Prayed for all family and friends. May Allah accept all of our duas.
Battle of Khandaq
The mountain of Uhud.
Masjid-e-Quba the first mosque Prophet Muhammad (SWT) built. The 4th most important mosque in Islam. It is said that he who prays 2 rakats in Masjid-e-Kuba gets the reward of one completed Umrah. Alhumdolillah. May Allah grant that reward to everyone who gets the opportunity to pray here.
And we're back. Inshallah for tahajjud and fajr in Masjid-e-Nabvi.

25 August 2017

Madinah hotel: Dallah Taeba.
It's hot, but we bask in Allah's blessings.
Assalat u Wasalamu alaika ya Rasoolallah.
Tumhain kiya khabar hai kahan ja raha hoon Rasool-e-khuda hai wahan ja raha hoon
Ready for Jumah in Masjid-e-Nabvi.
Boarding the bus to the hotel in Madinah.
Fajr in Madinah.
Amazing experience. The entire plane chanting the Talbiyah. O Allah, your servants are here for you.
On to Madinah.

24 August 2017

Dinner outside the blue mosque
Praying isha in the blue mosque.
Alhumdolillah - prayed ASR in Istanbul. On to the Blue Mosque.
With 9 hours to kill at the Istanbul airport, some of us decided to take advantage of this opportunity and visit the blue mosque. Had to go through this line.
Had a nice surprise for us in Turkey when we landed. Had to deplane using the old school method of stairs and buses. No jetway bridge for us.
Just landed in Istanbul.
Checked in.