North America, Europe · 14 Days · 52 Moments · April 2017

GHS Music Prague and Austria

28 April 2017

Here is a link to a photobucket with some photos my dad took from the trip!!

22 April 2017

At JFK on time! On our way back to SmallbanyπŸ’•
Some pics from the trip of the oldest coffee shop in Vienna... 140 years, definitely perfected their coffee.
Last day of fun in Vienna, priceless...😁
Farewells and long rides
Last day. Nachtmarkt in the am and a long flight to JFK with a super quick connection. We made record speed through the Amsterdam airport πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»
Bonding at Schonbrunn Palace.

21 April 2017

And we never found out what exactly this meant
You don't get to see the Vienna Philharmonic every day! πŸ’•
What a great day in Vienna today!
Still one of the best moments of my life 🎻
Lovely am tour including Hundertwasser Village and Schonbrunn Palace.
Vienna and the gardens wow !!! So much to see and take in....
The palace was magnificent and I've found that these post in order of when the pictures were taken so many will be added!!
Vienna day 1. Lots of gorgeous architecture, a little bit of free time, dinner at the hotel and games 😊

20 April 2017

Vienna, we have arrived safely!
On our way to Vienna πŸ‘

19 April 2017

Salzburg unbelievable day!
We conquered the salt mine at Berchtesgaden πŸ‘
Heading to the Salt mines across the German border.

18 April 2017

Avery, Anna, Tony and Sophie get to dance πŸ‘
Tyler gets serenaded!
More snow in Salzburg...
Snow, sleet, truck stop, mountains with fog, and a ball pit oh my...very cold and snow!??
Raining, snowing and blowing during our tour. Going to our "Sound of Music Night in a snowstorm πŸ˜‚
The Alps!
On our way to Salzburg!

17 April 2017

Solemn morning at Terezin. Very moving to be in this place where so many died or awaited transport to their death.
Some shots from the day. Wet but that didn't stop us.
More of St. Vitas

16 April 2017

Some more from day 2!
Svetlana our awesome Tour Director.
Tony and Patrick
Rose and Susan
At John Lennon's wall.
Starbucks in Prague!!
Our first full day in PRAUGE, shout out to trdelnik (turtlenecks)
Old Town Square in Prague, so much to take in !
At St. Vita's Cathedral

15 April 2017

The "dancing building " in Prague.
At the museum of music and then a lovely walk to dinner. We did 7 Miles of walking today!
We have landed!

14 April 2017

On the planeπŸ‘
On the GW!
Bus fun πŸ˜‚
Bus ride
Group photo!!