New Zealand · 404 Days · 27 Moments · April 2018

Rae's escape in Auckland

26 May 2019


25 April 2019

Pakiri Beach horse riding🐴🐴🐴
Ti Tree Hill horse tracks

14 April 2019

The beach is huge with very little people. The toliets are relatively clean, though parking is a bit tricky. There are tracks around, taking you to the beach. Very fun to walk!

29 December 2018

Goa Island Marine Reserve, Leigh The Goat Island is very close, you cam kayak or even swim there. The beach is rocky, with fun rock walks. A fun day with babi😊❤
Wide sandy beach, many people here during the holoday season. There are some small caves, fun to walk through. Nice and fun day with babi❤

17 December 2018

Such a stunning beach. Come sit with me on the rocks, watch the tide goes in and out There are charters and surfing lessons🌊🌊

13 December 2018

Got sunburn from sleeping on the beach in a cloudy day😂

6 December 2018

Maraetai Coast Rd The view on Maraetai Coast Rd is stunning. Worth the drive!😍
Duder Regional Park Cars are not allowed inside, and you have to clean shoes before going in. Probably because of the diseases. I didn't go too far, it was sooo windy🍃🍃
Omana Beach If you turn left, you will get to the Omana Regional Park. Turning right will take you to the beachfront. It's a one-way dribe.
The view was so so.😔 The weather was bad.

5 December 2018

There were sooo many birds... Very scary. But when you get to Maukatia, the lookout, the view was stunning. I went down to the beach, and there was no one else there. It was just me and the mother nature, the waves and the rocks.

4 December 2018

Super pretty East Coast Rd
Tepapakanga Regional Park A LOT of camping places, and not too much people. Stony beach, but it has two hiking paths and a route for mountain bike

3 December 2018

Mahurangi Regional Park Ngarewa Dr is a very pretty driveway. Towards the end you can see the coast from uphigh with the bushes and mountains at the background 😍😍
A small stop at Orewa. Hibiscus Coast Highway is such a nice driveway, even in a rainy day☁
Shakespear Regional Park Whangaparaoa is clustered with houses yet the view is nice. There is a section of Shakespear Regional Park has a gate to protect birds.

2 December 2018

Bethelles Beach Glad it's not raining! A little trip to the west☀☀ Many surfers, also saw a freediver. So brave!

29 November 2018

Clevedon Coast Oysters Got some fresh oysters on the way back for baby😁
Around 40mins away from work in Botany. Nice drive, and you can do fishing on the wharf🐠🐠 Some stops up high so you can see nice views. There are four hiking loops varied from 45mins to around 3hrs.

27 November 2018

A nice place to chill☕
Doesn't this little path look creepy?! But then there was the great view❤ I walked a little further down a track but was too afraid to keep going..😂
A friend of mine went to Cockle Bay to harvest cockle, and later made a big pot of seafood chawder😍 The weather wasn't great, but a nice escape between work is an essecial power-up⚡⚡

4 November 2018

☁☁☁ The fall was so so. We walked a bit of the loop, the view was so so as well

15 October 2018

Hidden beauty. A short drive from mission bay

18 April 2018

A cute little beach☀