United States of America · 5 Days · 19 Moments · March 2017

Raechell's journi to Nashville, TN, United...

7 March 2017

No caption needed....

6 March 2017

Ate at Happy Cow, it was not too shabby. They have pictures of animals every where, even in the bathroom
Monkey Mocha not as good as White Monkey, but great atmosphere

5 March 2017

Free ice! You can't get nothin free anymore - Tiffany

4 March 2017

Mack sings "white cat in library" in Spanish over and over. We have not started drinking
We played volleyball with some foreigners. We lost because of some old guy who acted like he could play
Tiffany falls behind but gets back up with a little motivation from Mack
Best ice cream ever
Getting ready to go out

3 March 2017

First time at Waffle House
Tennessee smells like Tiff's car
Arrived :)
Mack thinks she drives the same as Leslie - "See, I would speed passed this semi too."
Here we go!
Packed and ready:)