Germany, Ireland · 1 Days · 6 Moments · January 2017

Downeys in Dublin

23 January 2017

This is apparently the mini-Irish breakfast. The pork piece was the best part. Good start for a long day of adventures.
How to find Love Lane...when you see the interesting alley, go there, despite your hesitation. Worth it. Soak in the tiles, the thoughts, the musings on love won, lost, and mourned...remember that one time, with that one lover...

22 January 2017

Fade Street Social Restaurant - Found this place in the Wallpaper travel guide for Dublin. love it! The food is so modern Irish, all the savory pieces I love!!!
First Pub Stop. Recommended by our Airbnb hosts! Complete with Irish folk band and lots of fellow drinkers saying f*ck every other word.
I've been craving these for so long!
Tiki the Turtle was busy making plans and getting into the Irish flow while on the plane. Can't wait to finally see some of the great places we have been thinking about!