Europe, North America · 15 Days · 106 Moments · September 2017

Family Dance do Disney

2 October 2017

Last day of our wonderful holiday and we finished as we started at magic kingdom! Lovely time and ready to come home now 😍😍😘😘😘

1 October 2017

Last night of fun 😍
SeaWorld - one of my favourite places

30 September 2017

Yeah baby helicopter flight- over universal and SeaWorld - amazing! More pic later on xx
Popped back to Epcot and then chilled out by the pool

29 September 2017

We ate at T-Rex Rex restaurant and the kids got a build a bear 😆
Off to typhoon lagoon until the rain came and then to Disney springs

28 September 2017

Then off to Hollywood studios ... I got to see Pluto again 😍😍
Chilling out by the pool this morning 😀😀

27 September 2017

Christmas 😍😍
Island of adventures - fab park

26 September 2017

Extras including dolphin nursery, and turtles
Wow- amazing creatures 😍😍
Dolphin show 💕💕- Ellie wants to be a trainer
Sea world - wow what a great place! Actually they do an incredible job of looking after all if there animals 💙💜💚

25 September 2017

Lovely evening eating at millers ale house - followed by pirate golf 😀
Great day at blizzard beach- set out as a ski resort! Very clever

24 September 2017

Well deserved chill out by the pool

23 September 2017

Animal kingdom today - left our hotel at 8 and just got back at 5.15! Very hot today and oodles of walking! We rode flight of passage - avatar by far the best ride so far!

22 September 2017

Epcot today again very very hot! And I got to meet Mary Poppins - very special moment 😍
Ellie's birthday meal at chef mickeys- 2 days late! Great time, awful food
Day 4 - Typhoon Lagoon- fantastic waterpark unfortunately rain called time at 3.30 before I got the chance to film the wave - fear not we will go back though 💕

21 September 2017

Day 3 universal - another fab day! I even had a hug with beetlejuice!!

20 September 2017

Day 2 -,Ellie's birthday - 11 Why a way to spend a day - speechless the most amazing day ever! Dolphin swim photos to follow 😍😍

19 September 2017

And now finished off with a swim ....
What an amazing first day at magical kingdom - we met Minnie, daisy, Ariel, and snitch! Had lots of fun along the way ......

18 September 2017

Haven't taken off yet - they are unloading cases as someone hasn't turned up for flight! So I am watching friends 😀😀😀
We are on board!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
New BA crew 😆😆
On the bus to south terminal 😆😆😆
So we are wide awake and Lucas did the Disney dance 💜💚💙

17 September 2017

Checked in to Europia Hotel! Seems very nice... children all tucked in bed ready for their Disney adventure 💕💕
On route to London Gatwick 😆😆😆
So we have just checked in on line, 2nd time lucky Seats 23 a,b,c and d! Leaving for London in the next hour 😆😆😆