Austria · 2 Days · 4 Moments · March 2017

Tajah's Birthday in Salzburg

18 March 2017

We took the personal recommendation of a chef I know, who hails from Salzburg. Best stop for a sausage!!! Comes in 5 options, combinations of ketchup, onions, parsley, seasoning, etc. You have to know where to look, for this little stand is no bigger than a closet and is not on the main streets. I will probably dream of this Wurstel, for its simplicity and flavor are the best I've hade in Austria so far.

17 March 2017

We dropped our bags in a locker at the train station. Slowly we wandered into the historical district along the Salzach river to Staatsbr├╝cke. Took in the scenery of the beautiful spring day, and of course, snapped a selfie. ­čśŐ After this little pause, we turned into the main historical center and enjoyed a little sun and people watching. Some neat characters were out, especially the lady in the wheelchair. Offered her a couple of euros for her troubles. Then we watched as people interacted with the art in Residenzplatz. After all, who doesn't love staging a foto to make it look like you are lifting a giant golden orb?
Since this is a surprise trip, we did not get to plan before. So, we took a little time on the train to toast to her birthday and pick a few top sights to see.
We woke up early and took the 13a bus from our home to Wien Hauptbahnhof. Tajah had no idea where we were headed. When we arrived at the train station, I presented the newest mini-travel notebook with "Salzburg" written on the front! We boarded her first European train, and are on our way to a little weekend adventure to celebrate her birthday!