United States of America · 3 Days · 6 Moments · August 2017

OBX and Spontaneity

9 August 2017

And with that, the crew became two and the road trip concluded.

8 August 2017

On the 3rd day, Mitzi and I led everyone to our super secret surprise that we had planned at 4 in the morning. Old Trap was very appreciated and we took a brick as a memento. We then went up to Baltimore for dinner and sped all the way to Wellesley to stay with the D'Anieri's while Emmy, Kevin, and Chris went up to NH for the night. In the morning, we spent time with the dog, admired the bus, had a tour of Wellesley college, wandered the Boston gardens and shipped Grace off to Wisconsin.

7 August 2017

We were heading to the hotel and found a wonderful sign on someone's house. Then we got to the hotel and found a giant brown recluse spider chilling on the sofa. We killed it with the Bible to increase the irony and story of this adventure and then changed rooms. The sunset was beautiful on our way to dinner and Kev Lit decided to join us and drove down from Maryland.
We took a rest hour on the beach and as we were about to leave realized the car was stuck in the sand. It took about 20 minutes to get it out with the help of some nice people (shoutout to Randal). Then we drove along and found a hotel.
We arrived around noon between stormy and sunny stretches of driving and headed down some side streets toward the water. About 20 minutes into our time in the water lightning struck within 2 miles and we booked it to the car amid very loud and close bursts of thunder. We danced around in the rain for a little bit while watching the storm. Then we headed to meet Mitzi's friend Max and get lunch. We then had a grand idea of dropping what we had planned and driving to Wisconsin (with a stop in Ann Arbor) so Grace could miss our flight and stay with us longer.
After leaving camp and hanging in Portsmouth, Chris and I decided to nix the Canada plans and get on the road with Mitzi, Emmy, and Grace. We left NH and headed for the 12 hour drive to the outer banks of North Carolina.