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Thailand af

5 January 2018

4 January 2018

3 January 2018

31 December 2017

Starbucks! BBQ popcorn! Alternate universe Starbucks
All the clubs and bars and aussies
Mushroom juice to quench your thirst? Bag o pringles? All the snacks
Happy birthday to me🍾🍹🎂🍰 to me this year is all about boundaries and having healthy and happy relationships - letting the right people in and becoming a pro at saying “nah, I’m good” ❤️ making new friends near and far❤️loving my sisters aka my best friends as much as I can (and traveling with them)❤️ connecting with family in a healthy and positive way ❤️❤️❤️ relating to work finishing my CFP ❤️ staying healthy and following my yoga practice ❤️ lastly challenging myself in areas of the arts like French and Piano ❤️ Gotta have goals ! So very thankful for this time of reflection 🐲 Unrelated note for my Russian speaking family: there are a ton of Russian speakers here. It’s wild!
Final departure from Bangkok to Phuket. Today is my birthday and I’m so happy to be taking myself on this journey and doing something satisfying for my soul. Pics soon! Yesterday has been rough with flying 12 hours, 6.5 hours and now the final 1.5. I got in to the hotel around 2 am and had to get up again at 5 to leave so I’m running on sheer persistence at this point. Happy New Year’s Eve!

31 December 2017

Landed in Bangkok!

30 December 2017

Flight to Bangkok delayed - just ran through the airport to find this out 🙅‍♀️
Korean fluffs Snap
Well. It’s been almost 12 hours with no wi-fi. I’ve listened from beginning to end the podcast “Dirty John” and it was really good! Dae and Eglie have been raving about it, and I give it 5 stars. The below are American (of the Seattle variety) clouds followed by Japanese clouds as well as a photo of me (or a cloud that looks like me - I can’t tell at this point as the flight delirium has kicked in). Next on the agenda is my 6 hour leg from Seoul, South Korea (Incheon) to Bangkok and I’ll be in Thailand officially. A quick overnight and a 1.5 hour flight to Phuket 🐵 The food that has been served has really nice so far - they even had a bibimbap for dummies. We had Bibimbap as well as a fish and rice dish. My ass feels like it’s glued to the seat. I need to move. The flight overall has been good. I had the entire row to myself and got to sprawl out and nap. I even had slippers! Took two sleeping pills at the beginning of the flight though and couldn’t sleep which was strange.
And take off! Bye Seattle ✌🏻
Questions so far: will there be coffee in my room?
Thailand - I have been smiling ear to ear since waking up this morning and am so excited for all the adventure that awaits me (unless I catch a cold from a terrible coughing human in the flying incubator). This is the first time I chose to do something so extravagant for myself, and only myself in mind. Something about making that choice, sticking with it, as well as knowing all of the insights I will gain from spending this time on my own is going to be so utterly amazing. It’s odd to thank myself, but this is really the best gift I have ever had. On another note - this flight though - woof 🐶. 15 hour time difference, and about 22 hours of flight time. These beaches will be worth it. Turtles!!!