Europe · 12 Days · 16 Moments · July 2016

Mongol rally

19 July 2016

The Swiss alps, Lichtenstein, and Austria

18 July 2016

Brussels and Luxembourg today. Was yelled at in French and had to use some of those high school skillz to communicate

17 July 2016

Left the British isle via ferry. Landed in France and went to Bruge. Nice town. Also, we're back to driving on the right side!
Had an awesome time at the rally send off! Got to meet the other teams from all over the world and saw Mongolian wrestling.

16 July 2016

Getting this rally party started!
Leaving Brighton and getting ready to set up camp for the night!!

14 July 2016

Got the whole team together today! We got a roof rack and many car essentials. Checked out some weird towns in Wales as well as Manchester and Liverpool onto Brighton tomorrow!
Had a fantastic stay with Oli and Neil in north wales last night. Cannot thank them enough for their hospitality! Today we drove go Manchester and found a roof rack, Jerry can, and other car necessities. Onto Brighton tomorrow! T minus 2 days!

12 July 2016

Great way to end our Ireland leg. We saw an amazing national park. Driving wasn't the best on the hills, but much better than in Dublin. Onto London to get our rally car tomorrow! Stay tuned for photos of John learning manual!
Seriously cool experience in this sculpture garden. Took a forested path through the stages of life and internal struggles along the way. "Create or die. Die and create"

11 July 2016

'Twas a rainy Monday in county Clare

10 July 2016

Got to Ireland today! Saw Belfast and Galway. More to come tomorrow!

9 July 2016

Still killing it in Iceland. One of the prettiest places in the world. We couldn't ask for a better way to start the trip!
There are not enough pictures to show the beauty of this amazing place. We all are doing well and cannot wait for the next leg! Ireland here we come!

8 July 2016

A beautiful start to Iceland! Got to see a hot spring, weird mountains, and eat fermented shark! Only stalled the car twice in traffic. Killing it.