Australia and Oceania, Asia · 26 Days · 45 Moments · January 2018

Rachael's adventure in Malaysia

30 January 2018

In Aussie! Now the last leg from Brisbane to Mackay!

29 January 2018

The long journey begins! First flight to Singapore and then onto Brisbane and then onto Home- Mackay!!!
I held some birdies!!!

27 January 2018

Yesterday we went to the escape room and tried the mummy room. We had 45 minutes to look for the clues that would lead us to the key. We were able to finish the room and find the key under 30 minutes and we even skipped a whole step and still were able to get out! Tonight was the end of our production season and we now head off tomorrow homeward bound!

26 January 2018

Then we went shopping! 5 full levels!!! So many different shops mostly big brand names like guess, Dior, Tiffany and co, Pravda etc. bot exactly in my price range hahaha!
Next we had a tour of the Filharmonik Petronas. A huge concert hall with amazing acoustics! We also go to see the Malaysian philharmonic orchestra play and they were absolutely amazing. We also saw the recording booth where we took a sneaky photo of me taking my place in the big chair!
And some more! Can you tell that I enjoyed my aquarium experience?!
And some more......
More aquarium spam hahaha!
And they had the underwater viewing experience!!!!!! We stood on a little travelator and we just had to take photos as it took us around the tunnels!
We got to go to the aquarium!!!!!! It was so amazing definitely the highlight of the whole trip. We saw so much in the hour and a half we were there, and we had to skip bits because we had to meet up with the others so we could have stayed so much longer!!!
Twin towers KL Central city! They are huge!
All the shopping centres are getting ready for Chinese New Year so everything is pretty colours and huge displays!
We caught the mrt (train) to start our journey to KL central city today!

25 January 2018

Danielle......... just going to leave this here.....
I got to go shopping!!!!! I actually had more than 30 minutes to actually go shopping! And we finally went into the big shopping centre right next to our hotel! It had many different shops including the hotel ice skating rink, a flight simulator, a huge game arcade, 2 level cinema, escape room, and more! We even found some fish and we found the actual pet shop with cute little hamsters!!!! It was quite relaxing to actually see some part of Malaysia. First show was last night and that went pretty good. Tonight the second show and then tomorrow a group trip to KL city centre to the Petronas twin towers, and then going to the orchestra in the evening. (The aquarium is next to the towers so I’m totally going!!!!) Hoping to cram all the fun activities we can in before shows in the next 3 days.

21 January 2018

Heading back down was a slower process not wanting to fall and the decline was sharp and steep. Now I will wait until tomorrow to see how much my body will ache. After we returned to he hotel we grabbed some food with some friends and looked through the Sunday night markets. I found an activity I wanted to try but I was too late. It was a reverse bungee! They fling you into the sky in a bungee harness and it looked so cool! You are held to the ground while they tighten the winch and the when they are ready they release everything and fling you meters into the air! It’s kinda like an extreme jolly jumper I guess haha!
The view going up the stairs is pretty amazing and seeing inside the cave was cool too. It was so busy and crowded as they prepare for the 31st celebrations.
Next was the Batu Caves. This is a large temple hidden inside big beautiful caves. You climb the 272 stairs to reach the top (surprisingly easy) where it then leads into the caves and up more stairs (not part of the original number) to reach the actual temple. The stairs are on a very steep incline and are different heights and depths. There is music and celebrations going on up the stairs as they prepare for January 31st being a big day of prayer and thanks. They bring many items up to the temple like milk, pottery, etc all carried on their heads. Those who are bringing the items are dressed in yellow this means they are practising for the big day. They start walking from their homes all the way to the top of the temple and then have to do it all again on the 31st.
After feeding the big elephants we then also got to feed the baby ones ( under 10 years old) . The youngest being 2 years old. They were so gentle but also cheeky in hiding their peanuts in their trunk pretending they didn’t get any. We were supposed to swim with the baby elephants but due to the river being too high and a strong current it wasn’t safe to do so.
Then came the time to watch the elephants do their basic commands they have learnt and each did a bow. One elephant was told to lie down and then us the audience yelled out the command and it stood up! Don’t ask me to repeat what we said because it was definitely in Malay! Then we got to feed them!
The Elephant sanctuary was beautiful! We got to see some playing around in their activity arena but then we moved around the sanctuary learning how they rescue the Asian elephants.
The time at the Deerlands we got to feed the deer and see multiple animals like a snakes, beavers, leopard gecko, hedgehogs raccoons, bunny’s, various birds and way more! This was pretty cool and being able to get up close with a few of the animals was great. All this right on the jungle edge. Our tour guide told us that opposite the zoo area they have erected a huge cage wall that keeps the wild tigers out and off the roads!
The journey for our excursion was a long 1 1/2 hour drive to the deer lands which was like a little jungle zoo thing. The roads weren’t the best, traffic was in and out of lanes, but the scenery looking down hills and mountain ranges was beautiful. Lots of palm oil plantations but still very pretty.

20 January 2018

It was another busy day yesterday we ended up pulling a 16 hour day and still haven’t finished what we needed to. So much to be done and such little time but walking through the shopping centre we got to see the beautiful Chinese group play their instruments. It was quite relaxing and sounded beautiful. Today.......272 stairs 😰

19 January 2018

Yesterday was another full and busy day of just getting things prepped for the show. We were told we had the full morning to shop but instead we were called in to deal with all the hires tech gear which no one told us was coming! Today was another long one but this time we got half an hour to actually shop so we went into the shopping centre we walk through every day and they have started setting up displays for Chinese New Year. We also walked past the cool train which I’m hoping I get to ride in through the shopping centre at least once, and we also found the lego shop! After our very long day we then gave up trying to fix things that weren’t working and decided to treat ourselves to magnum ice creams. We got to pick 3 toppings and then they dipped your ice cream in your choice of milk, dark, or white ice cream and then they added our selected toppings. It was pretty cool and it tasted pretty good too. Now for some rest and an early start tomorrow.

17 January 2018

Today we took the whole day but finally got our lights working and in the right positions. During that process we took a lunch break where the owner of bma treated us to a big lunch. We were served some tea to drink and then the food started coming out! Duck, chicken, fried rice, sweet pork, etc. it was beautiful but the main challenge was that we were only given chopsticks!!! Well let’s just say it was a very slow meal! Haha. Once we had stuffed ourselves with mains he then told us we had dessert coming! Desert was lychees and lemon chilled drink, a Greek pastry and some jasmine tea jelly. I gave it all a try but desert was not my thing. I think I’ll stick to my usual Australian desert of ice cream and apple pie! Later after rehearsals we walked straight into a full storm with a downpour of rain where you could not avoid getting wet, and the washing we had on our balcony also didn’t avoid getting wet. So we retire for the night pooped and out clothes still sopping wet.

16 January 2018

We had a big day yesterday a full 13 hour day setting up staging and organising lights. It was a long one and we have another full day today. Really can’t wait for some sort of break to actually have time to shop and explore rather than look at things on the way to the academy. We also get to have lunch with the owners of the Bentley music academy over here at a fancy restaurant all paid for! Let’s hope our jobs run on time so that we can get to the lunch! So tired this morning but we have to keep going!

15 January 2018

The view outside my window! So pretty!
Went and got some dinner at an underground food court. The underground food court was lined with plates on the roof which was pretty cool. I got myself a roast chicken with rice that came with some pesto, soy source and some chilli sauce. It was quite enjoyable but I’m not going for the chilli sauce ever again, way way too HOT!!! On our way back to the hotel we walked past the beautiful colours of the night life and listened to the street music. So beautiful! Another day done!
Went out for a wander this morning around a few places, now for rehearsals all afternoon/evening. We already have so much much to change hahahaha and not much has been set up for us either! what a challenge!
First breakfast done! Arriving just after 9 meant most of the selection had slimed down leaving more of the western foods rather than the Malaysian foods. My breakfast consisted of fruit to start; some new ones and some normal ones, some pastry’s, some Malaysian pancakes which were more like a flavoured bread, some noodles and some eggs. Different flavours but a good experience. Tomorrow I will get down to breakfast earlier and try some of the local flavours! And our outdoor breakfast dinning area has a cute waterfall!

14 January 2018

Day one in a different country done! Really enjoyed my huge shower and the bed isn’t bad either. Now I get to fall asleep with the street music from the mall/market stalls playing outside my 6th storey window. Day one complete. 😴
We went and had a quick walk though two shopping malls where we saw so many shops! One being the mangnum shop of ice creams!!!! Yum! Also a Waffle place and we ventured to Bentley academy where we looked through our rehearsal spaces as well as the music store which I get %20 off! So far a pretty good day now time to catch up on a few hours sleep
Caught the bus and headed an hour from the airport to our hotel. On the way we saw the plam trees that produce the plam oil, and saw many big buildings and then arrived at our hotel. We have a fabulous room; I have a double bed to myself, a huge shower and bathroom and we are on the top level away from the uni drama!
We have arrived and I have received my first stamp!!!! Let the journey begin!
The airport is quite different to what I expected. Very interesting. Now for the last leg of our journey hopefully I might get an hour of sleep fingers crossed!
I have now experienced airport food........ hmm maybe have eaten better haha! In Singapore now and just waiting for the next flight to KL

13 January 2018

Such a different plane!!
Now the next leg, onto Singapore! And maybe some sleeep!!! Fingers crossed!
Made it through customs and the passport checks!!
Now in Brisbane waiting to be taken to the international airport!
And the journey begins!!! Mackay to Brisbane!
Breakfast with Blake before I head off to the airport!

4 January 2018

Testing out Malaysian food while on home soil! Food went down great now excited for the real experience!!