Vietnam · 29 Days · 7 Moments · July 2017

Another beautiful summer

10 August 2017

Squid 🐙 Pasta. Bitchy. Some tears I tried to hold back. Rain ☔️. Pink rain coat. Bookstore. Unexpected colorful notebook. A warm afternoon.

8 August 2017

Sister by blood. Love her very much and so proud of her, of who she is and the path she goes. I believe, with all my heart, that she will be happy, strong, and excellent.

5 August 2017

Salted-egg toastES. Definitely come back to Den Da. Still many stories. And a FALL down the stairs was a remark for the day. 🤣

2 August 2017

The best time of my life was well-spent with them. I always find myself here, with peace, joy and happiness. ❤️Thank you, for being part of my youth.

29 July 2017

A night with my family. ❤️, ❤️ and lots of ❤️.

13 July 2017

The girl who has been through thick and thin with me. The weird thing is, the further we are, the more I feel her. She is simply a mature girl with warm and caring heart. I am blessed to have her in my life.

12 July 2017

First person I met in this summer. A girl with lots of strengths and efforts. A beloved teacher for many students.