Uganda · 31 Days · 9 Moments · August 2017

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26 September 2017

21 September 2017

So today I will only talk a little because right now it's 2:00 so I don't have much to say but I did take some good pics and I did my school so far!!!🐱🍦

20 September 2017

Today I did It wanna get out of bed but when I did I went to sole hope with my dad and met my mom and eric there with my little brother and sister. Then they had a meeting with a bunch of people and after that was over my dad left and I went to my moms for school, after I did school I made cookie dough for me and my mom. Then my dad had to pick me up to go to his house and that's now hope your day is great!!!🍦

19 September 2017

We're going to America!!!! To see... Renèe, Grandpa, Grammy, great grandpa Whitt, Pama, Grandad, uncle Page, aunt Netta, uncle Steve, aunt Mare, Isaac, Ingram, Camden, Sydney, Charlie, Bodie, Zoe, Border, Kendra, Kesha (I think) and the Ducks!!!!

12 September 2017

11 September 2017

So today I did a lot of stuff, first I woke up (obviously) and got ready for the day! I spent most my morning at Java House (a cafe) and did my school work. After I did school and got a great drink we went to pick up by little brothers from school, but when we got there it was chaotic there were police, important people yada yada... and my dad had to go see what was happening and get the boys. When he came back all he came with was their backpacks, so I asked him where the boys were and he said some kinda shot they had to get but the lady who owns the school said no so someone called the police and shut her out of her own school! But eventually we got the boys without a shot and drove just a little ways down the road to get my other brother (well we got Asa (my not so young brother) before). He came out in about 3 mins and we were ready to go so we drove home and I went up to my room and watched a few videos. I don't have many letters left so that's basically my day but I did have fun

30 August 2017

So today I just chilled. Slept in, ate a late breakfast and really did nothing so today I can't really talk about much! But I do have one thing to say this picture was not taken today but 2 weeks ago!πŸ˜‚πŸ’™

27 August 2017

Just me in the car!