Costa Rica · 2 Days · 6 Moments · April 2018

Pura Vida: Monteverde Costa Rico

22 April 2018

As we left Monteverde, we stopped at an overlook of the Pacific Ocean 2.5 hours of bumpy switchbacks away. Interesting dry mountain landscapes that contrast with cloud forest areas depending on which side of the mountains.
Here are some photos of the town of Monteverde/St. Elena. The first is of the street where Camino Verde Bed and Breakfast is located. Then some photos of the central business district and interior of a gorgeous grocery store. Last is of a mango mint smoothie- different and refreshing.

21 April 2018

We enjoyed a comfortable stay at the Camino Verde Bed and Breakfast. We especially liked the glass bottle walls.
The health of the ecosystem is a fundamental value in Costa Rica. The country represents 0.03% of the land mass of the planet. The district of Monteverde alone makes up 2. 57% of the biodiversity on the planet. Michael and I took the Selvatura hanging bridges and trails through the cloud forest. I was surprised by the vegetation. There were fern trees that came before dinosaurs. We saw lots of air plants and giant philodendron. Many orchids and birds of paradise. We heard lots of different bird songs but did not see that many because we were in the midst of dense vegetation. We heard the beautiful call of Costa Rico’s national bird, the brown robin. Not much cloud in the cloud forest - the weather was so clear. But we did have gorgeous vistas. Our highest bridge was about 200 feet above ground.
Richard Whitten collected over a million specimens of insects. After the wedding to his wife, Margaret, and upon arriving at his home, Margaret found 300 cases of insects in his living room. Being a good sport, she eventually became proficient in mounting the insects. They were amateur actors and are pictured here in costume for the play, “The Oregon Trail”. The next photo shows a project they undertook to make monthly collections of insects they trapped at night in Costa Rica. Several species are now extinct.
Our daughter, Sarah, asked us to check out the insect museum. We saw artful arrangements of insects. This picture is an arrangement of a morpho butterfly surrounded by scarab beetles and peacock feathers.