North America · 10 Days · 61 Moments · June 2018

Pura Vida en Costa Rica

19 June 2018

Manison & Pablita

18 June 2018

Last dinner in CR 😭
Rana bonita 🌴🐸
White water rafting!!

17 June 2018

Chaperone ❤️
Salsa dancing tonight at the folk lore night!
Had so much fun dancing the salsa!
Noche de Bailar!
Colorado, Texas & Ohio

16 June 2018

When you’re worn out from a day at the beach...
Dinner with a view!
Animales de Manuel Antonio. We saw monkeys, sloths, deer, and iguanas! -Audrey
Parque de Manuel Antonio 🌈🐒🍋

15 June 2018

Awesome views from the Arial tram!
Another butterfly sanctuary
Mariposa bonita 🦋🐛
Crocodile safari - that first one is bigger than he looks.
Saw lots of cool stuff during the crocodile safari! One of the largest crocs in the river was named Osama bin Laden, who was almost 18 feet long. -Audrey

14 June 2018

Farm visit! -cece
Tree House Café in Monteverde, where a tree is in the middle of the restaurant and its canopy is the patio ceiling
Today some of us went on a farm visit it was really fun! Here’s some of the things we got to do - see lots of animals - try some sugar cane - and make homage empanada, they were really good!
Today we walked through Santa Elena cloud forest, where we took pictures and participated in some activities with our tour guide. We also saw lots of bugs- ¡hay muchas insectos en Costa Rica!
Life happens, and so do accidents! Molly’s finger was cut while planting trees, but it wasn’t anything Dr. Díaz couldn’t handle. A few stitches later, she was good to go!
Planting trees to help reforest Costa Rica! We named our trees Bobo, Esperanza, William, George, Queso Grande, Princesita Ling Ling and Eric.
Visitamos un agricultor de cacao y aprendemos como hacer chocolate. Cole

13 June 2018

For those of you who didn't see the caecilian on the night walk.
¡Una noche en la selva tropical! We got the chance to see snakes, millipedes, toucans, and so much more on our night walk through the forest. It was a great experience, even though we were all soaked. - Caroline Reckers
Today we went zip lining in Monte Verde through the rainforest. There were 8 or 9 different zip lines and on the last one you couldn’t even see the ground
Lake Arenal, where we kayaked yesterday, is Central America’s 2nd largest lake. It was created in 1974 and now produces 65% of Costa Rica’s power.

12 June 2018

One of the few times we could see the top of Volcán Arenal! -Audrey
La Fortuna Waterfall
Today we took the 500 step journey down to La Fortuna waterfall. It was worth the walk! Qué bonita! -Audrey
Sweet tree in Arenal National Park
¡Hoy encontramos este serpiente peligroso! These are the best shots I have of the eyelash viper that Victor pointed out for us.

11 June 2018

Senora Wood and our students getting to use and apply their Spanish speaking skills! Some amazing local students taught us how to Salsa, and we returned the favor by teaching them how to “Dougie”. We capped off our evening of dancing with some small group interaction.
Learning to dance bachata, merengue and salsa from local students
Ran into some friends from Nagel!
Butterfly, or Mariposa en Español, is one of the many creatures we saw today right next to the coffee bean plantation on our tour! - Madison
Today we went on a tour of the Doka Coffee Plantation. We watched a historic video and learned about the different types of beans and all about the golden bean. We were split into 4 groups and we competed to rake and find pink beans in a big sack and put them all back in. We got to try all the coffee and chocolate covered coffee beans. It was a very fun experience! I even bought some coffee #puravida🇨🇷 -Skylar
Making some good coffee!
Already leaving our first hotel ✌🏻

10 June 2018

We made it to San José! Now we’re waiting on another group from Texas before we head to our digs for the night.
Naps in ATL
Hola, ATL!
On our first plane!
Checked in and ready! Costa Rica, get ready, because we’re on our way!