Canada · 11 Days · 48 Moments · February 2018

Punta Cana

11 February 2018

Goodbye Punta Cana! It was a great 10 days! Hopefully we will see you next year. Hasta maninna!
At the airport getting ready to fly home, ready or not!
Went for a little walk around the resort before we had to pack up and head to the airport.
Our last day! Sad! 😞 I think Punta Cana is sad too! Look at the skies! Our flight leaves at 4pm so we have to head out at 1pm. We’re down to our last hours.

10 February 2018

After spending the day at the pool we walked down the beach. It just doesn’t get much better than this!
Got up a bit earlier and went for a walk again down the beach. What a way to welcome the day!

9 February 2018

We’re enjoying our last bit of time in the sun by the pool. We were disappointed last night as the weather said it was going to rain today and tomorrow. But as you can see it’s blue skies! Oh Punta Cana I’m loving it here!

8 February 2018

We got home from our excursion about 7pm, pretty tired. We ate supper at the steakhouse and then retired early. The maid had done her creative work again to welcome us. Lol!
Sites as we travelled on our way home. We passed by a sugar cane plant.
We stopped by the Presidential Palace where the government works.
Christopher Columbus square with some very old trees.
Next we saw the oldest cathedral in America.
More sites of the city. We saw a 4d film of Francis Drake and how he invaded Dominican.
This is the pharmacy where they researched remedies and gathered herbs and medicines. The last picture is an ambulance to carry the sick to a hospital.
This is a replica of one of Christopher Columbus’s ships. He made four trips across the Atlantic discovering many of the Caribbean islands. On his first trip he landed in Cuba in October 1492, then in December of the same year landed in Dominican.
The next building we toured was the government palace and court.
These wooden carved images were in every room. They were built into the walls to ward off evil spirits.
The furniture and doorways were small. They said the average height of people back then were 4.5 to 5 feet tall.
Had a tour of some of the rooms. They said the original palace had 56 rooms but part of it destroy fire. Only 22 rooms remain.
Our first tour was the palace the son of Christopher Columbus built in early 1500’s. Diego and his family lived in Dominican but Christopher never did. The line of Christopher Columbus is still alive today with the 21st generation.
Going to tour Santo Domingo, a city rich with history. We travelled by bus 🚌 which took about 2.5 hours to arrive. It was an enjoyable ride viewing the countryside. We stopped in La Romana at a souvenir shop. The city looks interesting; worth a future visit. We met a nice couple from Cornwall, Tom and Janet Baitz. He’s actually a medical doctor, heart specialist. He said to Mark, “I’m thinking you work in a field where you help people”. How perceptive!

7 February 2018

We dined at the Agora Restaurant for Thai menu. We had spring rolls, chicken satay and chicken curry. It was delicious! I think this is one of my favourite meals.
More site seeing on the way home. The country is beautiful but has its share of poverty.
We then visited Annie’s house where they showed us how they grow, harvest and make coco, coffee and coconut. They gave us some sampling’s which were delicious. It was a great cultural experience.
Our tour guide Leo who introduced himself as Leo the lion, but he doesn’t bite. Lol. He was quite the character.
We got to be with the monkeys, feeding them while they jumped all over us. Soooo adorable! Can I take one home?
This morning we took another excursion to Monkey Land🐒 These are some of the sites we saw on the way as we drove up into the mountains.

6 February 2018

We enjoyed a lazy, do nothing day around the pool. Enjoyed the sun, shade, pool, while reading and napping. Oh and maybe a couple of drinks. Loved it!

5 February 2018

We went to the Mexican (La Hacienda) restaurant for dinner. Yummy! Hoping to hit up all the different rest before we leave. Beautiful night tonight. 25 degrees.
We left Saona Island about 3:30pm on a speedboat. They stopped at a lagoon where we got out in the water for a bit more fun. Then we headed back to the bus. It was a nice ride back in the boat as we drove fairly close to shore and was able to see the land and homes.
We spent a wonderful afternoon on the beach 🏖 of Saona Island. The water was amazing and refreshing and the entire area was so gorgeous in its natural state. They served lunch on the beach.
We traveled to Saona Island by catamaran. Mark helped raise the sail. We enjoyed the 1 1/2 hour ride.
While we were waiting for the boat to arrive we were visited by a cute adorable little monkey!!
We went on an excelsior today to Saona Island, Dominican’s only national park. We travelled by bus approximately 2 hours to get to the boat to take us to the island.

4 February 2018

The resort put on a Super Bowl party. They projected the game on a huge wall, provided lots of food and entertainment. Good times and a great game with Philadelphia winning against New England 41 to 33. Mark was happy as he was rooting for the Eagles.
Enjoying the afternoon sun at another pool. Relaxing and reading along with a favourite drink.
We went shopping at the Palma Real mall next to the resort. My sweet thoughtful hubby bought me a ring for Valentine’s Day. He’s the bestest!!

3 February 2018

Enjoying a meal by the beach at the Agora Grill.
Our maid is creative with the towels, including real flowers! 🌺
Another beautiful day spent by the pool. So good to be relaxing, cooling off in the water, napping and did I say relaxing?! Loving my life!!!
Enjoying this Caribbean Passion drink!

2 February 2018

What a yummy drink! One of the servers made it himself, calling it Panda Sweet. His nickname is Panda. He wouldn’t tell me what’s in it because it’s a secret but he said he learned it in Jamaica. So good!
Oh yeah the Dirty Monkey. I forgot about this yummy drink!
Some fun party going on here! Lol!
Enjoying lunch at the beach grill.
Day 1 Ready. Set. Go. Ahhhh let the relaxing begin! Feeling the beautiful sunshine and warm breeze, there's nothing better!

1 February 2018

We've arrived! Love it here at The Melia, adults only section The Level. This is a view from our room #1505. Nice and close to the pools, beach and restaurants. So nice and warm, 27 degrees compared to Toronto at -3.
Getting ready to board the plane for our trip to Punta Cana. So excited! It’s finally here!