China · 7 Days · 8 Moments · November 2015

2 December 2015

Last day in China. Got to Shanghai on a late flight last night (very tired). Today we decided to to explore Shanghai separately give ourselves some break 😘😂😂. Visited the lovely Jade buddha temple and man it was gorgeous jewelled jade buddha no photos allowed 😫😫. Than made my way to old town and man definitely need to visit this place gorgeous old Chinese architecture streets filled with yummy street foods and souvenir shops. Spent 2 hrs in the teashop reading a book, had some blooming tea with dumplings (wrapped in leaves and damn hard to open and eat 😫😫 don't knw how people unwrap it). All in all had a lovely me time in Shanghai. Made my way to the airport to meet the gals and off to Hong Kong. Yeiii 😁😁😁

30 November 2015

Started the day early at 7:30 weather wasn't very promising quite cloudy and foggy got our gears on and off we went to the Huangshan Mountain.

27 November 2015

Should I say it was the best or the worst day of our life 🤔. On our way back from the forbidden city to collect out luggage we saw wht true rush hour in Beijing looks like no joke they literally squash you in the train with no space to breathe or move very bad for claustrophobic peoples 😰😰 finally got to the station collected our luggage and caught a taxi to the airport and again rush hour traffic and man the taxi driver nearly killed us and than he decides to go to a petrol station for fuel tht was okay, but suddenly he hoes to this alleyway and gets off without saying anything and suddenly tells us to get off and move to a bigger car and we r like wtf 😂😂😂 jesus. Nway got to the airport and yesss we missed our flight, tried to get an early flight to Xian but it was fully booked so, booked our tickets for half 12 and man it cost us a fortune 900 yuan each (there goes our spending money out the window 😭😭😭😭). But its was a gd experience our 1st time missing a flight 😂😂😂.
Early morning left our luggage at the Beijing train station, a very busy and jampacked itinerary today. Finally made it to the Tiananmen Square after a long and packed security line. Not kidding there is security checks literally everywhere 😫😫😫 and its so annoying when its busy during rush hour. Nway back to the topic saw Mao's mausoleum from afar since we didn't have much time and made our way to the forbidden city watch tower not much to see there since you cant see much a view from there dues to the polluted clouds 😔😔😔. Then we rushed to the palace since the last entry was at half 3 just what you need when u don't have much time. But finally made it phewww 😅😅😅 and man it was amazing makes u wonder how grandly the royal families lived in the past. So, it was amazing to finally see this beautiful preserved palace. Worth every penny and sweat 😂😂😂.
Summer Palace yet again beautiful and frozen, a picturesque view of the lake. Wondering how it looks in summer all green with beautiful, colourful architecture. It is amazing and huge i mean like huge with lots of gardens quarters for the kings, queens officials and guests, etc. The layout and the intricate designs and art here is a must see😍😍😍.

26 November 2015

One of the hardest and challenging thing i ve done so far in my life, having height phobia is not easy but i think i m getting there taking little baby steps at a time. We chose to go to the Mutianyu part of Great wall which was absolutely beautiful winding up and around the lofty snow capped mountain tops. We took a cable car from bottom of the mountain which alone is a major achievement for a person like me. After that we walked through the snowy and icy winding steps and paths. Honestly it was ridiculously cold and slippery and would suggest tht a gd hiking boots with grips is a thing to wear during winter. But it was worth the hike to the tower. 😁😁👍👍👍 loved it today amazing 👍👍👍

25 November 2015

Went to the Wangfujing night market for street food got there around 21:00 all prepared with our warm coats, gloves hats and masks, but apparently the street food market closes around 21:30 so ate all the street foods we could get our hand on 😂😂 and man it was good 👍👍👍. We decided to go to ghost street in Guije which is a famous place for late night snacks and drinks. It is well known for its spicy crayfish dish and man it was good best thing i have ever had in my life. We also tried roasted frog, spicy chicken feet mmmm i can still taste it in my mouth 😍😍😍
Beijing in November is absolutely freezing 🌨☃but worth it. 1st went to the Temple of Heaven weather was windy and freezing cold went around buying gloves and face mask to keep ourselves warm 😂😂😂😂.