United States of America · 7 Days · 17 Moments · October 2015

Pumpkin Show USA!!

23 October 2015

Finished the day with pizza and my first American Football Game.... Go Vikings!! (Teays Valley High School)
Last day, sad but I've had a lovely time spending quality time with the ones I love, a bonus especially because it was pretty much an unplanned trip.
One of my favourite things about the American way of life is the way most people decorate their homes according to the season, changing for Christmas, Fall, Spring and Summer, both indoors and outdoors.

22 October 2015

Alas, no photos today, we went shopping at Easton Mall, had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, then this evening went back to the Pumpkin Show for tonight's evening parade... The marching bands and cheerleaders etc.

21 October 2015

Saw a couple of parades at the Pumpkin Show today, the first with a few marching bands with all 137 Little Miss Pumpkin entrants!! They all sit on the bonnet of a car (or hood if you're American!) on a rug. Bearing in mind that these cute little girls are only 6 years I feared for their safety at times haha! The evening parade was the older girls and some floats, just like Eastleigh Carnival but with much more 'pazazz' Finished the evening with a huge flattened doughnut called an elephant ear!!!
So hot, I'm sat eating my cream puff wearing a vest.
The winning pumpkin 1660lb... Did feel the need to say the Eastleigh winner was 1800lb!!
So I've found myself a new man and I'm not coming home... I'm particularly drawn to his red moustache!!
In the evening, after a roast beef dinner, we went to the preview evening for the 109th Pumpkin Show, loads of amazing displays of pumpkins and other gourds! Live music, plenty of pumpkin related food stalls!

20 October 2015

Can't beat a Bob Evans Breakfast... Apple Cinnamon French Toast for me, Mac &Cheese and Broccoli for Ari!!
A beautiful Fall day for a walk

19 October 2015

Started the day by babysitting Ari and her cousin Leighton, while Lauren's family went to a family funeral. After a lovely dinner of Jambo, we went to Walmart, the store where you can buy absolutely everything!!! Also had frozen yoghurt at YoMG!

18 October 2015

Went to church this morning, then lunch at The Brown Bag, followed by Brown Butter Almond Brittle ice cream....Mmm! Quick afternoon sleep then off to some of Lauren's family for a birthday party.

17 October 2015

Chicago O'Hare Airport, pretty lights. A lovely flight, kept getting offered wine and then port with my cheese course, so much room, didn't feel like a 10 hour flight. Mostly I passed the time by playing with my seat buttons... Chair goes up, chair goes down, oh now it's a bed, let's put my feet up!!! Must have looked like a real free upgrader haha!
So worth not having a seat.... Just got a free upgrade, just look at the space between my foot and the TV!!
This is my concerned face, as I don't have an assigned seat on my boarding card.... maybe I'll have to stand all the way!!!