Norway · 5 Days · 21 Moments · November 2016

November rain in Oslo

28 November 2016

We decided to make the last day of our trip "The Museums Day", because I heard they are worth a visit.

27 November 2016

Until the very evening we strolled down the busy streets of Oslo.
After 3 houres in the museum, we came back to city center by bus. From bus stop we walked to Akarhus Castle. We were happy, because doors of the castle were finally opened (two days before weren't). We just entered the courtyard and walked on walls of the castle, where there was a beautiful view of oslofjord with a few forested islands.
On that day we had planned a visit in Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology, which is about 7 kilometers from the city center. But this museum is a bit bizarre. On ground floor, first and second floor there are old machines and vehicles from XIX and XX century, but in the basement there are machines, which make fun with physics, especially for kids. It's the best part of this museum for me.

26 November 2016

After we left the Holmenkollen, we went for a ride through Oslo city center. Streets were full of lights. Even more light was made by Christmas lights hung above the street. Next we parked on the Ekeberg hill next to a small castle and we had opportunity to see a beautiful view of Oslo by night.
Next we used the lift on the second floor. After a ride we got to the observation deck situated on the top of the ski jump. I will say one thing: The view was wonderful. ❤ We were looking at the whole Oslo, surrounding lakes and forests and also a beautiful long sunset.
We started from visiting museum of skiing which is situated under the ski jump. You can learn there about the history of Norwegian skiing and see old skies, ski costumes and models of ski jumps. The museum is ended by souvenire shop.
Finally he said that we are going to Holmenkollen - the district of Oslo which is situated on the big hills. It's mainly famous from a huge ski jump where in 1952 Olympic Games took place. My uncle confess to us that the ski jump is his favourite place in whole Oslo. I was surprised, "What is interesting in this huge piece of metal?" "You will see soon", he required. Quite interesting...
That day was windy. My uncle, who live in Oslo, told us he wanted to show us the place, which he belives it's worth a visit. So we got into the car and we hit the road. Almost all the way we were going up the hill. I finally asked my uncle where we are going. He said, "To the north!" I was suprised, "But, we are on the north - it's Scandinavia!" After the moment he replied, "But we are going to the northern north!" I smiled.

25 November 2016

After we left the promenade, a sunset was already adwanced and all clouds suddenly became as orange as the sun. It looked really wonderfully. And day finnaly ended.
We passed Oslo Town Hall and near Nobels Fredssenter we turn left, where the street ends and the promenade starts. We came to the modern district, which is called Aker Brygge. That district is situated on water and it's crossed by many canals. There are shops, caffees, restaurants and shopping centeres. In the evening it's always full of people and tourists. Promenades are also full of lights.
We were continuing our walk. We stoped on Radhusplassen to rest for a moment and admire the view of the Oslofjord. The sun has just began setting and then the water looked very phenomenally.
We walked through museum's car park and suddenly we stood in front of the massive castle's wall. It was the Akershus Castle, which is the one of the landmarks of Norwegian capital. This castle was built to protect Oslo from enemies a few centuries ago. Unfortunately we had to satisfy with walk along the walls, because the castle was closed on Friday. So we decided to visit it the next days.
Then, we walked calmly toward the Oslofjord. We passed Oslo Opera House again and after that we were walking along the coastline. In front of the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum there the ferry terminal is situated. We had opportunity to see a huge ship, which had already come from Copenhagen.
Next, we walked to the Frogner Park - the park with many rock sculptures, which present beauty of human's body. After that, we came back to Karl Johans Gate where Christmas Market took place. Next to Stortinget - the parliament of Norway - the ice rink and the fairy wheel were located. I had the opportunity to use it.
We were walking along the most famous street in Oslo - Karl Johans Gate. It's full of expensive shops and jaweleries. It's around one kilometer long. It begins near the Central Sation and it ends at the Royal Palace.
When we were walking toward the city center, sky got darker and a cold wind started blowing. Luckly, it didn't start raining and day wasn't broken.
Next, we walked to the Oslo Opera House - the symbol of Oslo. It's very modern building made of white rock and glass. You can also walk on the leaning roof of the Opera House. I don't know who invented that stuff.
We have been visiting Oslo since very morning. We started our walk through Oslo from the modern district, which lays on the Oslofjord's coastline. On the background of sunrise tall gass buildings were looking really awesome. And the light of the sun bouncing off their windows... Oh! Nice feeling.

24 November 2016

I had decided to visit Oslo, the capital of Norway, because I had wanted to visit my family, which lives near Oslo and also plane ticket was really cheap. Of course, I had been curious what the capital of Norway has to offer.
That trip was very special for me. First time I planned an abroad travel myself and I also flew by plane the first time in my life. I usually travel with my dad and I did it this time too.