Netherlands · 1 Days · 4 Moments · May 2017

Spontaneous one day trip to Maastricht☀

28 May 2017

After a few hours we came across a mill, which turned out to be linked to a bakery, which has used it many years ago. As you can tell from the look on my sister's face, she wasn't very pleased with having to spend a whole day walking. 😅
Later, as we reached the center of Maastricht, we were surprised to find all the shops open, because in most parts of the Netherlands they are closed down on Sundays. So most of the day went down as a sightseeing-shopping tour.
So today has been a sunday worth it's name, it was all sunny and warm as we got up this morning, so we decided we would take a trip to Maastricht, which is only about130km away from our flat in Germany. We started our trip with a walk along the Maas, and enjoyed the unusual morning.