Germany, Austria · 14 Days · 85 Moments · July 2014

Prost and apfelwein. Yay Germany.

14 July 2014

This church was very cool and very beautiful. There is an organ up there. But the light was playing games with my pictures. His is actually it for Germany. Hope you enjoyed it! Oh and we only stumbled upon this place because I wanted to go to lush. Tim wasn't pleased with me until we found this. Ha take that.
The Munich opera house where we went to see William tell. It was sung in French with German subtitles. But I still found it very enjoyable. More so than I thought I would. Look at how pretty the place is and you should have see. How some people were dressed. I was in birks and a shirt dress since that is the fanciest thing I have in my backpack. I got a few funny looks. Lol
Then we watched the semi final game at another beer house. Some crazy fans in there! We left at half time since it was such a blow out and finished the game in our hotel room. Yay Germany.
Mead. For Tim. We tried some. It was better than his but don't tell him I said that!
Another church with a cool organ.
Found them. They were on my phone. I forgot my camera for a day. We went for some beers at the Hoffbrauhaus. 1L beers for all. Well mine was radler again. Yay juicy beer. Some funny pics from underneath our cups too. I may or may not have sent one of these as a postcard... I hope I didn't ruin the surprise.
Not sure where the rest of my pictures from Munich are. But if I find them I will post them. Went to the deutche museum. Which is a huge science and tech museum. The coolest part was the mine section. It was underground and went on for miles! Then there was glass blowing demo that we watched. And then we saw a cool church. More organs. Onto Praha

9 July 2014

Oh. And that second picture was for mom. Mickey Mouse birks!!! How cool. Have you seen any before!?
Last but not least is the typical postcard spot in town. Almost all postcard stores have one with this picture on it. Tim even bought one. Now onto München. Which is where we are right now. For our last night.
gNÖmie and I kissing a teddy. There were also many teddy bear stores around town. Which is weird considering how small it was. This town attracts a lot of Asians. Some of the signs are even written in Japanese. They must like teddy bears and Christmas!!
We all had a beer. Well mine was a radler which is half beer half lemonade. But who's counting right!?
They make snowballs here. They are a treat that is a ball of deep fried German crispy things filled with nougat or Marzipan. We thought we had found a gem of a store until we realized that they too were all over town. I guess it's true that you can never have too much if a good thing.
This was our hotel. And Tim trying to wear the hat. Which is the mascot for the hotel. The hotel is four old mansions combined into one hotel.
Another fancy organ. Eventually I'll get to hear one being played.
This was a fancy looking estate. Had to take a picture. Can you see why? (Hint. There's a storks nest)
A view from overtop of the wall looking out. Across the way there you can see the outskirts of the town. That's where the only hostel is.
What the heck kind of instrument is this guy playing? He had to constantly wind the guitar thing while he played. Who knows!?
How cute is this hotel? We didn't stay here. But I had to take a picture.
This is the moat that surrounds the walled city. Oh yeah did I forget to mention that it's a walled city? The second picture is a view from on the wall.
Here's a view of the town square buildings. Aren't they cute? This may be the cutest town yet. We had a beer at that yellow one. And looked at the pretty one across the street.
Another nutcracker. Can't you tell we are excited?
Next stop Rhotenburg. Guess what they are famous for!?! Their Christmas stores. We saw 4. And you came all across town in 20 minutes. It wasn't legal to take pictures. So I could only sneak a few. It went on for miles I tell you. Miles!!! And when you walked in there was the creepiest moving display if stuffed animals.
Last but not least a beer for bill. Goodnight!
This is the peace room. It ended the 30 years war? Don't quite me on that. Everything was in German. Tim signed us up though!
Another cool organ. And some stained glass in one of the churches that we went in. GNÖmie is sad because he thinks the stained glass should be of him.
You see those cages on the side of the tower? Mike says they were used to hang people out to dry and let the crows get at them. Hopefully not anymore though...
These were all stores. They were pretty and expensive. So I had to take a picture. They were also all closed. On a Sunday... Apparently consumerism isn't s problem in Europe.
You can see all of these churches from the same spot. I stood in the middle and took all of these pictures. Cool huh.
After all of that gNÖmie needed some aloe. Poor guy.
GNÖmie says stay away from these. They are either poisonous or prickly. I guess his sad demeanour suits these shots.
Holly and the gNÖmie. And a picture of a pretty flower. Oh also these pictures are from the botanical gardens attached to the palace. Backstory of a backstory of a backstory. Ballooney....
Next day we spend in Münster. Somehow the towns just keep getting cuter. Here's the palace. GNÖmie likes the palace too. Well it doesn't look like he likes much. But he does. Lol
There was even a few outside of our hotel. That's all for this day. Enjoy.
Ah yes. Some more locks. There seems to be a theme ....
The funniest thing here was that 5 years ago an artist created all of these sculptures for an exhibit. Then they moved them all around town. And they put then out every year. Isn't that the coolest? Oddly creepy though. Take a look. There were tons of then! I even didn't have my camera to take pictures of some of them!
Onto Wiedenbrück. its also cute.
Then we went to see a palace. gNÖmie also wanted to chill with his homies. And there's a picture of a pretty tree.
Speaking of gnomes. I'd like to introduce you to someone. This is gNÖmie. And he will be accompanying us in our travels. Shout out to grandfather for bringing up the idea of having a travelocity gnome to take pictures with on our travels. Also another nutcracker picture for mom.
The one with the red door is his house. This is still a little neighbourhood with older cuter houses in downtown rheda. Also some pretty flowers and look at those vines! Maybe a gnome lives there!
On to rheda. This is the street where Tim's opa grew up. How cute is it!?

5 July 2014

We had some coffee at the palace. Look how pretty it was served. Guess what it overlooked. You guessed correctly again. The golf course.
This one is from Tim. Wait. Do that again I had my eyes closed. We laughed for a while. This actually ended our time in Frankfurt mike and Hennie picked us up and we were on our way. Bye for now.
Here are some views of the castle. And guess what the palace has. You guessed it dad. A private golf course. There are a few pictures scatters in there for you. No we didn't play. It was 30 degrees. And no I didn't want to. Lol.
Next day we went to Kronburg. Burg means castle. So that's where we headed.
Oh. And the building in those pictures is the old opera house. Pretty!
As it was our last night in Frankfurt we took our hosts out to dinner. Three sisters Julian and some friends as a Greek restaurant. Lots of fun in Frankfurt. We will miss it. Julian has only been speaking english for three years at school but dang he is already good at it.
After dinner (which was at 9pm!?! Gosh these Europeans and their late eating) we headed over to the market that Frankfurt always has this Time of year. It was packed!!! Our drink of choice was Hugo. Ingredients are as seen. It originated in Munich Also a group shot. Fun fact: did you know that none of the sisters ate breakfast or lunch. Only dinner at 9pm. Oh boy. I guess that's one way to stay skinny. And apparently that's normal.
We found a tesla. Tim had to take a picture. Neato
A slightly uneventful day up next. But still fun. We needed some sort of relaxing day. So we walked to an open air bath in Frankfurt. Three different pools, just swimming and relaxing. We still managed to walk 6km somehow. I think I upped my tan factor by 2 on this day. It was very warm.

4 July 2014

It was then Time to go home. Goodnight all.
Then we took a bus to this abbey that also has a micro brewery. These Europeans. So ahead of the game. We also had dinner here. Funny story. As we were waiting for the bus Tim decided to crack a beer. He had 2 sips and the bus showed up. He got scared and was about to leave the beer. But don't fear, one can't just abandon an open beer! (I know, just call me dr Seuss.) I snatched that beer and carried it on the bus with us. We learned something new today. Alcohol in public really means just that. Take it wherever you like!! Another beer in public story you say. Sure why not... One of Alexandra's friends (Natasha's sister ( tims family that we stayed with in Frankfurt )) told us a story of a friend who was drinking a beer and driving. And was also speeding. So the cameras snapped a pic of him speeding, but the photo also showed him taking a sip of his beer as he was caught speeding. Guess how much the fine was... Answer: he only had to pay the speeding ticket!
A couple of views of the bridge as well as off of the bridge. Once again look at those fake clouds. Look like cotton candy. Mmm.
I know it's not of a picture wig his finger up a horses behind. But it's still pretty good right!?! "I'm a model if you know what I mean". A little blue steel? I don't really know what he was going for here. But when in Rome. Oh wait. Nvm.
And here are the last few views of the castle. The ones from further away were from a part of the castle with a path that lead us out in front of the castle and far enough away that you could see the entire side that didn't have any construction happening on it.
HULK SMASH! I broke off a piece of that kit kat bar. Oops I mean wall. Look at that huge chunk that just fell off!
Ok. I know the suspense is killing you. Crazy huh. So much wine!
Wait. Here's another quiz. Guess how many litres this barrel holds! Mine was 184,000L. Beat that!
Here's some pics from inside. Look at how fake the sky looks. And yet another view. The castle was up very high over the city. So many views!!! Good thing we aren't afraid of heights.
And the answer is !?! You tell me. I'm on vacation. Who cares about the time! Jokes on you working folk. Muahahaha
Quiz for the day. Can you read this sundial? We sure couldn't. Answer to come.
Then we headed inside. You can see all of the guardians on the wall there. And look there's even a girl! Badass. Who run the world? "Girls" -Beyoncé. Ok here comes more.
Tim says hi with some more nice views overlooking Heidelberg. Here's a bunch of pictures from outside of the castles inner walls. I don't know if that makes sense Well. We had to go under an arch to get into the castle. All this stuff outside that was free. BONUS!
Not too bad of a view from the first stop. Which was for the castle. Look at that guy paragliding! We later found him and his parachute inside the castle grounds. I wonder if he had to pay the admission price.... Clever, why didn't I think of that!?!
First step. Ride the FUNicular. After riding it we have realized that it is much more fun in the way down. Sitting at the top waiting to go down sort of feels like going over the top of a roller coaster. I'll still call it the FUNicular though, it's just more fun!
Next trip was to Heidelberg. Another very pretty town. Lots of people and a very large castle. Make sure you take your socks off. Otherwise these pictures may just knock em off! No jokes.

1 July 2014

Goodnight and happy canada day! We miss you!
Then we went back to Epstein with tins great uncle Oswald. He took us to see the castle. Built in the 10th century. Only 140 stairs to get to the top of that tower. Phew what a relief.
And here is a picture of Tim and Oswald. That's all for now!
Nice view from the top! And a pretty gazebo. " I made everyone a gazebo..." Get it? From the Advil commercial?!? Ok never mind. Still pretty though.
Here are my artsy pictures for mom. There was lavender everywhere. And soo many bees! Tim didn't even scream! Also he pointed out that my camera does everything for me. Thanks Tim!
Another nice view! This time with me in the picture!
Hey look. We found more locks!!!
We climbed the MASSIVE stairs on the monument. Apparently it said "do not climb" but it was in German so how were we supposed to know. Look how small we are. Wowza
Then we took the gondola up the vineyard hills. So green. And so pretty. Also a picture of a castle in there. And a train for the tourists. Looks fun!
A nutcracker for mamma. So many Christmas stores everywhere!
Today we went to Rudesheim. Very pretty. Here's a few cute streets that we saw and walked down. Wine on the river Rhein in Rudesheim. Say that 10 times fast.
First time on the autobahn today with no speed limit. Woohoo freedom.
One more cool organ to end the day. Then we had dinner with all of Natasha's family. And watched the soccer game. Boy was that crazy! we had no idea what anyone was saying but they were loud. Lol
Almost forgot Tim with his apfelwein. Just for bill. It's a Frankfurt specialty.
We went to a tea shop to avoid the rain and had some teas and a tart. Well technically mine was raspberry lemonade. Natasha and dirk used the word kishy to describe it when they recommended it to us. I think that just means trendy of some sort. Maybe it's the German word for hipster. Who knows.
This is the Dom. It's a church in downtown Frankfurt by the square. It was very pretty. And take a look at that wicked organ! They actually had two of them in the church. Gosh i wish I could have heard someone play it.
There was also a wedding in this square. With doves! I may have watched and filmed most of it. That was fun!
Some cool building in a square in downtown Frankfurt. They are actually new buildings that are made to look old.
Tim was very sad that all of the museums were closed. Since it was Monday. Apparently everything is closed in Europe on a Monday. Bummer.
Day one in Frankfurt I didn't have my camera. And it was only short after we got picked up from the train station. We had some dinner and say a church. So here is the start of day 2. It was a Monday. This is important as you will see later. We found another bridge with locks on it! They are a popular thing. And we found pigeons. And Tim made me take pictures of the funny looking geese? At least we think they are geese. Miscellaneous album.