France · 4 Days · 15 Moments · April 2017

Provence - Cote d'Azur - Rhodes valley

1 May 2017

Orange The ancient theatre is somewhat enormous! And still living and used for various events.
Saint Chamas, Pont Flavien
1st of May, we planned to visit Arles... Such a shame that everything was closed. Anyway, we walked down the streets and caught a glimpse of its old rural life, since lots of people were dressed up in traditional local costumes, for I don't know what celebration!

30 April 2017

The walk up to the Tower Magna in the Jardins de la Fountaine. I love the park surrounding it!
If you are like me and love a good ol' ruin with plants and Piranesi feels, head to the Temple of Diana in the Jardins de la Fountaine of Nimes. πŸŒΏπŸ›
β›²πŸŒ„β›² This place looks like a damn dream. It's the Jardins de la Fountaine in Nimes; they were originally built to be used as a water tank for the town.
The Great Roman Games in the Arene of Nimes! It was quite cold today so we brought with us some plaids to keep ourselves warm. Mum had quite the ancient roman look πŸ˜‚
After Pont-Royale we headed to the beautiful city of Nimes. We'd already been there a couple of years ago to see the Great Roman Games, an historical play that every year occurs at the Arene of the city. I had great memories of Nimes, and was pretty eager to visit it again! Here I dump some photos of the city's streets and squares. The day was rainy and cloudy, but luckily it didnt rain on us while we were watching the Games.
Pont-Royale was the first stop of this luckily-not-so-rainy day. In the warm season you can also bath in the river underneath!

29 April 2017

When we were going to the Glanum we almost ran out of gasoline! The TomTom saved us, as we used it to look for gas stations in the area. The nearest ones were in St. Remy, a small town along the road. Turns out that St. Remy was one of the places where Van Gogh lived, and was loved by other post-impressionists painters as well. It is a lovely town, full of cute corners and design boutiques. We walked around the streets and stopped for a delicious Speculoos crΓͺpe.
Exploring the Glanum archaeological site
Next up in our schedule was the Kerylos Residence. Finding where to park the car in this village is quite troublesome, we had to leave it in a supermarket parking lot (and buy our lunch there) because we wouldn't find a spot. The beautiful residence we visited was originally property of Madame Rorschild, a wealthy woman from this famous chairsman family, who married an archaeologist and was utterly in love with ancient greek and roman art. The residence is, in fact, built in the style of ancient roman houses (combined with some 1900's commodities because yes why not).
We then stopped in this small town near Montecarlo to visit the Augustean Alps Trophy and its museum. It was built in 7 b.c. to celebrate the victory of Augusto over Alps' only left independent people. It's located on the top of a hill in the middle of a cute garden (where some beautiful cats where lounging), I'd loved to have more time to hang out there 'cause with the spring time and all was pretty nice. There is also an old town with a church to visit next to the monumento, but we had to move on quickly so didn't visit.
Mausolee de Lumones. 100-40 b.c. First stop of our trip was this little guy. Originally an ancient horse post situated in Via Iulia Augusta, where postmans could change their horses to continue the long trip. Don't really know when and why it became a mausolee...

28 April 2017

Some steps of our 4-days trip through the roman heritage of Provence.