Germany, Spain, Netherlands · 10 Days · 49 Moments · December 2018

A girl danced with waves in Canary islands

1 January 2019

Holiday ended. The last day of vacation is on Jan 1st. It went fittingly happy with an amazing dinner with these amazing friends. Happy new year folks. Thanks for reading this blog. For people who thinks it's quite lengthy, Dont you know me before you started reading it? People who thinks it's not that big, call me, I can bore you to death with much more details. People who only saw the pics, sorry it was all taken in mobile. So it was not up to quality. But i didn't know when I will be on ground and when I will be in water, so I didn't risk taking my camera. But thanks for the patience. Adiós 😊😊😊😊

31 December 2018

31st night performance in munich. It's fun with a lot of friends after traveling alone and being with strangers for a week. So back to adding layers of clothes before heading out. I have lived like a nomad. Now it's time to go back to roots. Put on an Indian dress. Wear jewels. Meet closed ones. Sing a song in Mother tongue. Have Indian food. Listen to tamil. Enjoy regional dances. Have a happy and engaging conversation with best friend. 31st night of 2018 done right.
Homeeeeeeeeeeee.. The moment I touched down, it was raining. Awesome munich. What an welcome. Lol
A final final goodbye to sun and beautiful scenery around. I will miss this place and warmth for sure.

30 December 2018

The place I stayed that night in gran canaria. It was amazing at the same time a bit scary for a single person in the entire house. The trip took its toll and I was for the first time too tired to sleep. So I was walking along the street and enjoying canary breeze for the last time
Flight to gran canaria. I came to hostel to collect my bags and was relaxing before heading off to airport. Swing is definitely a must thing in my future house.
A final walk along the beach before I head back. The sun was shining and the beach waves were singing into my ears. Had a nice long walk and rested well lying on the beach. Bye bye beach Karai vantha pirage pidikuthu kadalai. Narai vantha pirage pidikuthu ulagai. Netru inbem yaavum koodiye, indrai ippothe artham aakuthe. Indre inbangal yaavum koodiye nalai Or artham aakuthe 😊😊😊😊
7 days is how long I can resist Indian food. The moment I had this food I felt at peace. Good food good mood
How to end this legendary trip. I have already got in touch with five elements of nature. Water, fire(volcano), earth, wind So what's left? Let's go conquer the sky. The paragliding experience was so enriching to the soul. The freedom The flight The feel It feels as if everything seems smaller. Everything πŸ˜‰. Fly awayyyyyyyyyyy...

29 December 2018

I went to a vegan burgur restaurant and had my dinner. Surprisingly I got call from two friends. So I had virtual company when having dinner. It was fun.
The place looked more amazing in the night.
After the walk through the city, I went this auditorium along the beach. The architecture looked like some modernized hindu temple or ashram There is this flower called cannonball. Though it is native to South America, it has a religious significance in India. This flower is called Nagalingam(lingam structure under snake hood). The shape is as if a lingam(god shiva symbol) is placed under the hood of a snake. The flower smells amazing. This structure reminded me exactly that. There was one more interesting thing around the auditorium. The beach stones were painted with famous musicians all over the world. It was really beautiful and interesting level of creativity. And there was beautiful sunset again with beach waves against rocks. Mazhai pol mazhai pol vanthu mannodu vizhunthu vitten Manam pol manam pol unthan unodu urainthu vitten. Situational song for the beach 😊😊
Mountains over, now it's garden Time. Let's add some colours to trip. I saw hibiscus and then I realised I am in a place which has a bit closer climatic situation and vegetation to my hometown. I didn't know I would feel immense joy in seeing a hibiscus, a flower which has been dissected enough number of times in school days. Simpler things makes life worth living. En veetu thothathil poovellam kettupar, en veetu jannal kambi ellame kettupar, En veetu thennangeetrai ippothe kettupar... Hmm hmm Hmmm I saw an old couple walking in the garden. They were holding hands and emanating such time tested love from their walk, appearance and body language, it just felt right. How beautiful!!! Kaalam karaintha pinnum Koonthal naraintha pinnum Anbil maatram illaye 😊😊😊
Some street scenes in Santa Cruz
The picture speaks for itself Above 3555m, there was just wind and wind Pure wind. Without pollution The feel to stand on the top of the mountains and the world is one single great moment of a life Iru pookal kilai mele Oru puyalo malai mele Uyir aadum thigilale En vaazhvin oram vanthaye........... Connect everything with a song, the moment will turn into a magical one. Or is it only for me? A music addict
On the way to the peak, we stopped at a view point to have this look over the mountains. Breathtakingly beautiful Malai kaatru vanthu thamizh pesuthe Mazhai charal vanthu isai paaduthe Malarodu vandu uraiyaaduthe
Morning scenes near the hostel. Also on the way to teide volcano.

28 December 2018

More walking. More scenes. And also on the way back to hostel in bus
After having food, walking along Beach and drinking in the scene around. Beautiful sunset. Picturesque place. Lights! food! People! nature! Everything at a place. Vaanam enaku oru bothi maram. Naalum enaku athu sethi tharum.
Just swimming on surface makes you hungry. Deep sea diving will make you starving. I needed food to even take two steps forward. Nice big bowl of soup and breaded mushroom tapas with garlic cream. Yummy yummy. Me looking tired after diving
Diving into ocean is like a meditation. The calmness of the ocean, the creatures around. The concentration on breathing. Every thing that is magnified to a larger scale. Beautiful moment. Like Nothing else can beat this experience. I wish I am a fish and stay there in ocean forever. After that great great experience, we started off to shore again in speed boat. Standing there on the tip of boat, wind in the face, water everywhere. The speed... Let this moment stay forever.
Off to diving. All geared and suited up. On the way to diving spot on a speed boat in the north Atlantic Ocean.. Hurray moment. Excitement!!!! adrenaline!!!!
I checked into hostel, refreshed and had some breakfast. And started to south of tenerife to do some sightseeing and also the next activity of the day. The place was amazing. It was steaming with tourism, resorts, trip planning companies, souvenir shops. Usually places with all these sometimes makes the place a bit ugly. But here this place despite of everything looked so amazing and scenic. Beach!!! Port!!! trees!!! Here I come
Youth hostel at Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The common room was beautiful with beautiful wordings from different travellers. And hammock and couch. The hostel was good and neat. I met an interesting amount of people there. I had also some interesting events there. Funny
Early morning flight from gran canary to tenerife.. Next adventure today is........

27 December 2018

Hungry hungry hungry. No lunch, walking in desert, playing in beach. Now need something big enough to satisfy my appetite. So Chinese it is.. Soup and fried rice. Wow rice after days. It was just enough to lift up the mood. Then had a long walk again back to hotel drinking in the calmness and serenity around. Naan mattum iravil thanimayil nadappen. Nadaipathai kadaiyil thenir kudipen. Vazhkaiyil orupathi naan endru vasipen Vazhkaiyil orupathi nan indru rasipen Time to sleep. Morning flight to......... Wait
Back to beach. I can't get enough of them. Today I just got rid of every inhibitions and entered into beach. Waves embraced me like an old friend. May be its making up for something. Wow... Great feel. Love this moment. Neerødu Oru Kaathal Kadal Alayil Kaal Nanaiya Nadapaen Aagayam Ènai Paarkka Manal Veliyil Naal Muzhuthum Kidappaen
Sand dunes now. Wow the wind was howling and sands everywhere. I was covered within seconds by a lot of tiny sands. Sun!!!! Sand!!! Wind!!! Song moment.... Kaatre en vaasal vanthai methuvaga kathavu thiranthai..... Kaatre un perai keten, ha ha ha ha.. ... It was partly gay Beach. Wow. I kept my eyes to ground and walked like a cute little shy girl. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Had a great nice walk around but it was extremely dehydrating. I badly needed some drink. So I had a big big vanilla milkshake.
The camel carried me all the way from a place to another. It deserves some love. Let's show that. Kiss the camel. Met an Italian girl. It was fun talking to her. When traveling alone, this is a great thing. You tend to meet a lot of different people from different part of world. The talk always teach you something. Which is!? You living in a shell. And Dont really see a bigger picture. Our problems, situation everything is very negligible from a larger perspective.. Wow traveling alone makes me sound like Saint and old the same time. Nope. I am still young and fresh.. Let's explore that part of me more
Yes.. After days of beach, mountains, forest, white buildings and what not, today it's desert/sand dunes. Natural reserves of masapolamas. Now my green dress reference makes sense I think. I decided to add green to desert. How cute.... So first thing that comes to mind when you think of sand dunes or any desert type of terrain is.... CAMEL.. Let's go for a ride in the camel. I thought I will enjoy this experience. I did.. To an extent but the happiness of the experience was masked by the pity feel for the Animals. But still, it was nice to remember this is how people used to travel old times and it gave immense perspective over our current technological advancement. The speed at which we travel. I think we take every damn thing for granted. Ok no moral lessons. Let's concentrate on trip. Amazing different experience. Met an Indian family from UK.
Good morning on a very fine Thursday morning. What's the agenda today? Wait, let's first get breakfast and go for our adventure later So fresh look. New dress. A gift from dear buddy. So all green which is actually quite contrast to the place where I am planning to go today. OK ok suspense. So had an amazing breakfast and this is how the breakfast place looks like. And also me in New attire.

26 December 2018

Yes if you haven't guessed already, then this is what I did. Went back to the beach. An empty beach Just me and waves and more important person MOON. Deadly combination. Hide tide. Moon. Beach. Alone. Serenity at its best. Such a musical moment.. Every song related to moon came into my mind. So what did I do. Turn on illayaraja.. That's it. The moment is perfectly made into more amazing one. Nilavu thoongum neram ninaivu thoongidathu... Ithu oru thodar kathai, thinam thinam valarpirai...... Then after getting enough moon light, beach breeze, tidal music, made a long walk back to hotel. On an empty road. Just my shadow as company.. But shadow kind of Understood that I am really alone What it did? It created one more shadow to keep me company. How sweet. After all its my shadow, should have my charactersitic.. Lol So back to hotel and goodnight
Hungry moment. After playing in waves and sand, I had a nice shower and it's now dinner time. Pizzaaaa... But Spanish people atleast the Canarian people doesn't how to make good pizza. But this doesn't now corrupt my mood. Because I am excited about what I am going to do next... Which is???
Beach time Playa de San Augustin The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I've tried Don't let them in, don't let them see Be the good girl you always have to be Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know Well, now they know Let it go, let it go Can't hold it back anymore Let it go, let it go Turn away and slam the door I don't care what they're going to say Let the storm rage on The cold never bothered me anyway jump into the beach, dance with waves Transform into a sea creature. Enjoy the water. The music in me recalls rahman and illayaraja immediately anytime when I see a beautiful scene around. So I did put on some music and lying on the sand. Beautiful sunset. Nothing beats this feel
Pastio Blanco: Oooooo... Let the fun begins. I decided to try the water jet ski. Initially I was extremely skeptical because people who knows me will know about my driving skills. And that is on the land which is a constant. Now this is another venture into a terrain which is a variation So speaking like a true engineer, if I can't solve a constant problem, how can I do justice to varaition But it turned out, I am good at this. It was fun and exhilarating moment. To ride with and against the waves Of course being thin limited my speed a bit as I was not able to control it at a very very high speed, but still 5000rpm was great enough speed for me to have a amazing moment. Totally worth it. The splash of waves against face, the jump against waves.. No words to describe the euphoria
That's an ensemble of healthy breakfast. Good food. Good day
Good morning.. New day fresh start. Let's start that with this amazing view from the room. A room with sea view and pool down. Amazingggg.. Holiday mood is kicking in. Someone is ready for a great adventure. But before doing that , let's go check first check out breakfast. Hungry stomach

25 December 2018

So I reached my hotel folias in San Augustin Spain and that's how it looked. A warm bed welcoming me with its open hand. The room was very comfy. Ok goodnight
Then we sat there for some time along the beach and were walking along some crooked empty roads Just the four of us. Then we started back to Las Palmas in bus. And we were having deep conversations about life, cultural differences and relationships and so on. Then I reached Las Palmas and gave a farewell to all the people in the hostel. Everybody was so sweet and compelling me to stay with them and not to go. I was overwhelmed with the love from strangers in a foreign place. May be I needed it πŸ˜‚. The best hostel I ever stayed and best people I met in life. Amazing experience. So my next venture is to see the south of gran canary. Now that I have spent a lot of time hanging around with people, I need my space. So let's go to a hotel in San Augustin. A coastal city in the south east of gran canary
After lunch, we were roaming around the place and talking, taking photos and sharing stories. Then we made a long walk to beach and was taking crazy photos. And I made it a customary thing to sing a song near the beach. So I made them listen to my Indian music in the foreign world.
We were all so hungry because of just fruits" breakfast. So we all had fair share of food and talking all stories in the world.
Met some other travellers in the bus on the way to agatae, a village in the west coast of gran canary. It was fun talking to them and a nice engaging conversation.
After an eventful night with all the hostel mates, woke up late and started with newly met friends to agatae. A place in the west of gran canary.

24 December 2018

Its Christmas eve. What did I do? I celebrated with the hostel mates. I had an amazing dinner and a great conversation with lots and lots of people. I met a lot of ppl especially petros, greg and martin. They are from Greece, Hungary and Czech respectively. Doing PhD and masters in electrical field, media technology. They are really nice cool ppl Very friendly.. We hit it off really well and had an amazing conversation. The party went on till 2.30am. And it was fun. This was the best hostel I ever stayed.
Along the coast of Playa de cantaras: After refreshing a bit in hostel and changing to suitable clothes, I went out for a walk along the coast. What did I see on the way? SWINGS 😁😁 YES!!!!!! Here I am. Sitting on a swing and forgetting the world. That gives immense happiness. And then I had a really really lengthy walk in the beach. There was no one in the beach, that's serene and amazing.. Just me. And the waves and the moon.
So back from the trek, I really needed some food in my system. Had a very mediocre pizza at a mediocre shop at San telmo station. Even then it was fine because I was that hungry and really didn't have energy to search for a good restaurant. After that I was just roaming around San telmo, central Station of Las Palmas, before starting back to hostel and coast. The beach is calling......
Caldera de bandama. It's a volcanic crater. The bottom of the crater contains volcanic ash of different colors, and some botanic species of Canary Islands origin. The place was amazing The trek down to the crater was easy from distance point of view. But the loose stones and gravels formed from the volcanoes made it a bit tricky as it can be extremely sloppy at times, so one careless step can make it a straight fall into the ground. It was totally serene and one good thing is that it was not crowded with tourists, so I had the place to me all by myself. The whole situation reminded me of the song and lines. Thirakatha kaatukulle pirakatha pillaigal pole aanom. And for the uphill, I had company. Yuri from Ukraine who works with a vessel repair company. We had a pleasant conversation and some experience. Beautiful place.

23 December 2018

Avacado surf hostel in Las Palmas gran canaria. The hostel was along the coast and the location was amazing. Playa de cantaras. The room was small and cosy. The bed was super comfortable especially the screen around the bed made it nice. A hostel dorm with a fair share of privacy. Decoration and place was good and neat.
The journey started at 17.00 from munich, to reach the end I used all means of transport (bus, train, flight and taxi) and finally reached hostel in gran canaria at 1.00 in the night.