Philippines · 13 Days · 19 Moments · September 2017

Priyadarshini's diary

14 September 2017

Lakawon beautiful scenery bridge!
Lakawon white sand and crystal clear water!

9 September 2017

Tropical Bamboo huts and Cottages!

8 September 2017

Lakawon awesome huts!

7 September 2017

Photoshoot with the beautiful scenery of Lakawon!
My favorite green tea with cucumber juice!
White sand!
With my friends on my Lakawon adventures!
Tropical Bamboo huts!
On my walk along the bridge!
I do feel the wind blowing and fresh sea breeze
Crystal clear water amazed me😍😍
It's good to be here!
Im in love with their white sand!
Super hot weather but i enjoy the most!
Wow it's super nature!
Company of friends!
Searching for beautiful view and hut to stay!

1 September 2017

Adventure is part of my life! ❤️❤️❤️