Spain · 3 Days · 15 Moments · May 2017

Priyadarshini's adventure in Spain

24 May 2017

Al jibe Octopus, oxtail on potato and wok rice with more vermouth..

23 May 2017

Reached nuria!!! After a quick introduction, a map in hand, decided to do the red and light blue trails. Completed them in time and had a great lunch, bread, duet sausage and some cheese.
Drove up to the train station here to take a train up into the mountains... Querlabs... at 1180 metres
The cradle of catalunya.
Small little village. Quick stop and moving on. Bought big little heart. Yum. Got some sausage - foet from vic, bread and olive bread for the mountains.
1st century temple Preserved as it was covered by the castle

22 May 2017

Lovely palella and then some great Spanish dessert
So many pigeons....
Cava of Spain. Winery and few glasses. Prefer Champagne.
Montserrat...!! Monastery and cathedral. We ate sweet bread, cheese with honey.

21 May 2017

Oxtail, rare beef and octopus sitting on top of potatoes filled with sauce!!!
Excellent seafood!!! Octopus, squid, clams, Razor clams and more
No corners. Hexagonal roundabouts.
Checked into Angela 'a penthouse. Lovely...!!!
Tried to go to taverna del succulent but that was very posh and they only take reservations. So walked back to the la Boqueria market and sat down at the only restaurant there. We had peppers, patatas, sardines on bread and ham croquettes. Then walked on la Rambla to Escriba for desert.