France · 4 Days · 3 Moments · June 2017

Prim's journi to France

25 June 2017

Early morning, eating my usual breakfast at hotel Mont Fleuri. We headed out a bit later than yestetday. Taking a long walk from Porte Maillot metro to Porte Maillot RER, up and down the stairs. Museum D'orsey is located directly on top of Musee D'orsey RER station. Paul Cezanne exhibition is going on on the 5th floor, tonsss of people. We had lunch on the 2nd floor of the museum, the restaurant is beauuuutiful. I tried a menu i never heard before, Cold soup. It wasn't bad, surprisingly­čśé We get confused a bit, trying to find an elevator. After that, we went to Statue of Liberty, you heard that right. The first model was located at Jardin du Luxembourg before moving to the museum. The second model is located nearby RER station, the (something) Kennedy station. From that bridge we could saw both the statue and the Eiffel tower. It was late till we arrived at the hotel. I bought frozen 4 cheeses pasta from a shop nearby and asked the reception to use a microwave. She even did it for me

24 June 2017

Early morning to the best place on earth, Louvre. 5 floors of history, the museum is a place worth spending a day at, or maybe 2. We walk from 10am till 5.30pm... No joking. Starting off on the 2nd floor, the whole floor full of paintings got tears to my eyes, how fascinating!! Greek antiques are also my favourite, seeing the real-size sculptors of those model I bought 7 years ago really is amazing. Visiting just because the others told you so it beacause it looks beautiful is completely different story when you know the background pf each objects/paintings. This experience made me re-think, well, it might not be such a bad idea missing all those activities going on in Thailand. You need to pay the opportunity costs. After that, we went to catch the metro for the appointment with uncle and auntie at a restaurant nearby the congress. The metro was closed!! There was a lgbt parade going on through the road in front of Louvre. Half an hour later the metro re-opened. We had a great dinner?

22 June 2017

We took the earliest flight via AirBaltic from Riga, Latvia to this romantic city, Paris. Hot, the sun was shining with no mercy, reminding me of Bangkok.... It was 2weeks since I left for the journey (that one night in my own bed doesn't help). I guess it is different from going for an exchange year when you got to settle down at your new home and make friends. This type of travelling is more about moving to new places, visiting attractions and stuff, while for a longer period you got to experience daily lives. Its a two different style and I love both of it.