Taiwan · 4 Days · 28 Moments · August 2015

Pray Taiwan

13 August 2015

照相時間~ Picture-taking time~
照相時間~ Picture-taking time~
在石梯坪為台灣禱告~ Praying for Taiwan at Shitiping~
往石梯坪的路上! On the way to Shitiping!

12 August 2015

晚上的聚會在東河長老教會~ Evening gathering at Dung-Ho Presbyterian Church~
強力禱告後休息一下~ Some rest after intensive prayers~
在花蓮體育場為花蓮禱告 Praying for Hualien at Hualien Stadium
在花蓮體育場為花蓮禱告 Praying for Hualien at Hualien Stadium
往花蓮路上 On the way to Hualien
為宜蘭禱告 @ 羅東運動公園 Praying for Yi-Lan @ Ro-Dung Sports Park
往宜蘭的路上 On the way to Yi-Lan
台北的清晨~ Morning in Taipei~

11 August 2015

Pray Taiwan今晚的晚會在恩雨靈糧堂,原住民帶領所有人一起進入敬拜,發出突破性的恩膏,超越理智上的界線,在屬靈裡渴慕、認同並進入對於聖潔的呼求! The evening meeting of Pray Taiwan is at Grace Rain Bread of Life Church tonight. The aborigines lead us in worship, released a breakthrough anointing, crossed over the boundary of intellect, and derived a longing, an agreement and crying out for holiness!
為濟南長老教會和教育部禱告~ Praying for the Education Dept. and Ji-Nan Presbyterian Church~
與躍容合照~ Photos w/ Rebecca
和亞洲禱告殿一同在自由廣場(中正紀念堂)為台北禱告! Praying for Taipei with APHA at Liberty Square (Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall)!
往台北的路上~ On the way to Taipei~

10 August 2015

Pray Taiwan 第二天的晚會在大溪榮美教會,釋放聖潔的呼聲,興起原住民青年,委身走在純潔的道路上! The 2nd-day evening of Pray Taiwan was at Da-Si Glory Church. Releasing the sound of holiness, raising up the aboriginal young people and committing to live out a lifestyle of purity!
聖德基督書院 Sheng-Te Christian College
在中壢中正公園為桃園禱告 Praying at Chung-Li Chiang Kai-Shek Park for Taoyuan
在竹南運動公園為苗栗禱告~ Praying for Miao-Li at the Chu-Nan Sport Park~
第二天PRAY TAIWAN的行程來到台中都會公園,一同聚集來台中來祝福禱告! The PRAY TAIWAN team came to Taichung Metro Park this morning to bless the city!

9 August 2015

台中梧棲敬拜中心晚會 Evening conference at Wu-Chi Worship Center, Taichung
快抵達台中了~ Almost at Taichung~
在風雨中前行! Moving forward in the rain!
往台中的路上 On the bus to Taichung
前往台南的路上,和活水的同工會合~ On the way to Tainan to join with the Living Water team