India · 3 Days · 5 Moments · July 2015

Prateek's trip to India

22 July 2015

And went for a small walk. Later after having dinner, I came back to room packed my stuff for tomorrow. Awaiting for early morning I'll have to take bus by 7:20. Kochi is place you can visit anytime and see beautiful scenery and places but for photography there are less places. I hope munnar will be fine.
He told his name Joseph, talked about his family how it's the private area and government doing injustice about charges. We had a good interaction. Sooner I went for Jew town in between found some good moments but it's not that much picturesque as I expected. Empty streets less people. I walked a lot from places to places but didn't find anything good. I guess for photography only Chinese fishing net area is good. Later I went for ksrtc via ferry service it's really cheap and time saving. Saw beautiful decks and ports. Navy area and other shipping areas. After reaching I did enquiry about kochi-munnar bus. After coming back via ferry to fort kochi I went for dinner in Kashi art cafe. It's really good the good there is tasty btw I even visited kathakali centre saw the make up session and performance. The expressions were super awesome. Whole story conveyed through expressions and gestures only. There I met a few foreigners two girls quite pretty we talked about our journey
I did set my alarm early for 5:50 blue hour photography, as usual tried to get up but couldn't. Somehow I got up and ran to the place as it was already sunrise, stepped outside to my difficult runaway it was raining. Still I went and found out the best scenery or clouds went away there was even rainbow, I missed the timing due to sleep. Roamed here there ,tried few landscape shots some was good some bad. Now I hadn't any plans so I went back to room after 2 hours. Slept for awhile (4hrs) after getting up again I went for street photography and tried some landscape shots went to fishing area. There I saw some fisherman using net Then I thought of having a low water landscape photography so I removed my shoes and stepped into ocean near shore. There was tough waves pushing me with some bushes or thick plants making me feel helpless during the shoot. Somehow I managed to capture few shots. As when I was returning a fisherman man called me and to my surprise we talked about each other

20 July 2015

Most awaited journey started- Konkan railway route, saw some beautiful places in between. Amazing scenery whole place is full green. Here with me are 3 different families from Kerala. They are speaking in Malayalam that's why I could figure out. And there's this little girl very naughty and lovely she is entertaining everyone by teasing and all. I was typing, she came and pushed the lock button when I unlocked it ,again she did and continuously smiling. She's really cute. I'm awaiting for my more sceneries it's dark now btw.
On board, flight to mumbai- weather is little casty and journey is started with an excitement of covering Kerala. Gonna be amazing. Now waiting to reach mumbai for my train travel # awesome train travel Konkan railway route.