Turkey · 15 Days · 8 Moments · November 2016

Prasanth's voyage in İstanbul, Turkey

20 November 2016

Bye bye Istanbul. As always she looks astounding from the top.
Traveling back to india. On way from Eregli to Istanbul through -3 to 10 degree temperature and passed through the newly constructed bridge between europe and asia. Had a good learning experience with Bruce

19 November 2016

Had a good 2 weeks stay. Lot of learning and hard work. Made some good friends. Erdimer people you got into my books of memory.

13 November 2016

A week has passed at Eregli. Its been a routine going to plant at 8.30 and returning by 1700. The exciting thing in the hotel was the marriage functions. With all the girls wearing beautiful gowns. It doesn't look like a muslim wedding but an European one. The soya sauce chicken was my favourite in the hotel. People seem to be very friendly and always give hand shake & greet you even though i may not know them.

9 November 2016

At Eregli, a small town close to black sea. Anadolu hotel is tagged to be 4 star one but doesnt feel like one. Im here for a plant upgrade project for Erdimer

7 November 2016

On the way to Bilecik for a meeting with our customer Habas!!

6 November 2016

So i landed and to my good luck my atm card was not working and i was running from one atm to another to check if i could withdraw some money but it didnt work out. With all the money i had from different countries I could only get 150 TL which was not sufficient. Somewhere i knew i will reach the hotel that is was what i called my positive energy and the experience of traveling so many countries. And as i was walking outside i saw a prepaid taxi counter😊which accepted my AMEX card. The feeling while Passing the bridge connecting european side of Istanbul to asian side cant be expressed in words. Another interesting aspect was dedicated lanes for buses.
On my 4th trip to Turkey and 2nd to Istanbul. But this the time situation is slightly different, with 2 to 3 explosion its currently a country with lot of safety issues. But its a city that has mesmerised me hence once again im looking forward to it.