United Arab Emirates, Egypt · 3 Days · 5 Moments · May 2017

Prasanth's voyage in Egypt

23 May 2017

The egyptian historical museum gives tou the gist about the pyramids and Egypt dating back to 1300 BC. Wow that is longtime back. It is just fascinating to see how the emperor wanted to live even after their death and even at that time they have developed the method called mummification.

22 May 2017

Visited AL site in Sadar city around 2 hours drive from my hotel. It was quite a revelation to such wide spread farm land. Being in a desert land you don't expect to find large agricultural land. Also visited the pyramids. Couldn't go inside as i was late and the entrance closes by 4pm. But i think when thinks don't go as per plan rather than being disappointed one should be thrilled to look for the surprise element which sometimes brings some fun moments of life. So here i was riding a camel all by my own. Had a good panoramic view of the pyramids from midst of desert. And mind you not on a normal camel but a white one.
Im put up in movenpick hotels and resorts. It is actually a resort as it was not a single building but many buildings spread over a big area. Never been in such hotel before and it was damn cheap @110 USD including food

21 May 2017

From first look while traveling from airport to hotel it seems very much India except the greenary. The people are fair and have curly hairs😃
On way to the historic fascinating city of Egypt Cairo. So looking forward to the ancient city and learn the history and culture of this middle eastern n Africa place. Im traveling via dubai. I heard over a ted talk that if u talk to stranger in egypt u may end up in his house sipping coffee. So I believe they r very hospitable people and to add to that for the first time in my customer visit i am being picked up by the customer for the meeting. So without actually starting the trip im getting positive vibes.