Turkey · 12 Days · 7 Moments · December 2017

Prasanth's tour through Turkey

14 December 2017

After just making on time to Istanbul airport from Ankara which was hit by very bad visibility due to heavy fog
On way to Ankara airport
Shopping at Ankara downtown. The most interesting and bizarre thing happened. After checking out of my hotel i loaded by luggage in the dicky. As we drove the door opened and the my suitcase fell off. Luckily my friend in Car noticed and stopped, i went back and checked to find the laptop bag was ok and didn’t check the other bag but my friend saw it falling on the mirror and as i turned back a lady was running away with the bag i ran behind her and luckily grabbed her and took my suitcase back. So many coincidence and weird things happen when u travel this is certainly one to remember 🐶

10 December 2017

Birthday celebration

8 December 2017

Delicious delicacy

7 December 2017

Late night snow fall

3 December 2017

Two continents in one pic. Europe and asia😊