India, Qatar · 2 Days · 3 Moments · July 2017

Prasanth's adventure in Qatar

20 July 2017

The hotel was good. Nice ambience n food
Doha is a very small place around 80 km radius. So most of the places are 30-40 mina drive. From the look of it is very similar to any other gulf country. Had a chance to visit sis in law's brother n sis. Also visited a very unique place. The only place where one can get liquor n pork😄

18 July 2017

Traveling to Qatar. The country is under a geo political turmoil. Its Neighbour UAE, KSA, Egypt and Bahrain have suddenly ended all kinds of relations as they claim it is spreading n supporting terrorism in middle East. Some facts: richest country in there world in terms of pretty capita income, it has vast amount natural gas n petroleum. So it will b fascinating to see how this can rich country is preparing for the biggest event on earth" football world cup".