Czech Republic · 1 Days · 18 Moments · July 2014

Praha. 13cK beer = $0.75 cents. Woohoo

14 July 2014

Final photo for Praha. This is my friend Kevin. He was in chem eng with me at McMaster. He also did 6 years so I have been in class with him for 5 years. He was also in Prague at the same time! Small world.
Then we had to become one of those crazy tourists. Lots of stands and street performers along the bridge. Even a last playing the music box. Is that even a talent? A couple of views off the bridge too. As you can see the sun was setting. So we headed home. And got a few beers on the way to hang out with our hostel mates. The end of Praha.
On day 2 we wandered some more. Here's a pretty building. Not sure what it is. But lots of people were eating lunch on the steps. Then we were on a bridge with a good view of the castle from the outside. I'm not sure why they call it a castle. It's more of a palace. Silly prague. A few selfies later we could see the famous Charles bridge. Look at all the people on it. Crazy tourists.
More fun in the square with bubbles. I was entertained for at least 10 minutes by this
Wandering the streets. Took some pictures. While wandering we found a place to eat lunch. Tucked away down a side street. Indian food in prague. It was vegetarian so I didn't have to worry about any of the meat products. Whoot. Nice and cheap too. Double whoot.
I snuck this picture of the organ. No pictures in this church!
The astronomical clock. And some pictures in the town square. Lots of music acts. All were very good. The street performers in Europe are everywhere. And they are all good! Lots of pretty buildings. Oh. And we found the Tim burton exhibit. But Tim had already seen it in Toronto. World tour!
Praha and hooters. No explanation required.
Some more view from inside the castle. And some gargoyle goats. The usual.
Some pictures inside of the church. Look at how tiny that stained glass is. Crazy! And look at that tomb. It caused such a traffic jam. Someone decided to put it right in the middle of the walking path. Gosh. And yet another sweet organ.
Finally Onto prague castle. And look at that Starbucks! Best view in the whole place! We saw some changing of the guard. Tim wouldn't get any closer to him. Wussy. The church pictured is in the middle or the castle. Along with many other exhibits.
Had lunch here. We had the lunch special. $8 for soup gnocchi and Crepes. DEAL.
The beer tasted much better when we got there. AND it was free. Our new friends for some reason wanted to thank us for getting then unlost. Even though we harmed their daughter. Lol. Win!
We found a good lookout while we were lost. Then we found a very steep path that would lead us in the direction of beer. Our friends were with us. Their daughter was our age. We proceeded to go down this hill. It was muddy. And wet. Tim wiped out first. Their daughter second. Us other three made it down just fine. Even her dad. Who had a hip replacement! The last picture is the bottom of this path.
It's time for another FUNicular you say!? Well here you go. Up we went. The price of admission. 24kc. Or $1. Just about. Up to the palace. Well first we saw the fake Eiffel Tower. Which was more expensive to climb than the real Eiffel Tower. Come on prague. Get your priorities in order. Then we were looking for the beer garden. Got very lost. And ended up meeting some friends. And Tim got lost in the labyrinth for you Hennie!
First we went to the corner store. And bought beers. Well I had a radler again. Drank those on the way to the bar. Yay for $1 beers! Then Tim ordered picked sausage. And two more beers while I had a hot chocolate and boiled potatoes. I know, the waiter gave me a weird look too. Our bill was 9 euros. What!?! Tim freaked out because he thought the bill was wrong. But then we remembered that we were in prague. Everything is cheaper! Woohoo.
Some views of prague in the night time. We only wandered around for a bit since we got in at 630. But don't worry. We have our priorities straight. We went to the bar. Up next!
Look. It's a bridge with locks on it. There's been one on every bridge in Europe so far! Crazy Europeans.