Czech Republic · 3 Days · 19 Moments · August 2013

Prague for culture and food lovers

18 August 2013

traditional food for a cheap price U Dvou Koček is an old traditional restaurant. They serve regional food like goulash. Prague is famous for it. Taste the "two cats goulash" and don't worry it's not made with cats. Enjoy the atmosphere - it feels like you are sitting in a place, 100 years ago.
A sozial Souvenier While wandering through the old city of Prague you may find a brick wall in the middle of your path. The Beneficial Brick Initiative is a charity fundraiser to protect mentally handicapped people from being excluded from society and to help them live with others in shared spaces. For a donation of 150 Kč or €7 you can paint a brick with your choice of colours and add it to the growing skyscraper of precariously stacked bricks. Each brick is unique, but common choices include names of donors and beloved cities as well as flags. I think it's a great memory of your visit in Prague.
SHOPPING The Wenzelplatz is a big shopping street with a lot of shops. Inside the center there are three huge shopping malls with more than 200 shops. Its amazing. Visit also Wilsonova in direction to the river. There are all the luxury boutiques like Prada and Gucci. Don't miss it.
Tasty sweet food: great idea for a coffee break This is a nice cafe and bakery in the city center. Drink coffee and stroll around the pedestrian area.
Marionette shop I fell in love with a marionette. A young artist creates unique marionettes like a dragon with three heads or a lovely princess. Marionettes are very famous in Prague. There are also a lot of theaters with marionettes. It's the best souvenir you can get. They cost between 10€ and 1000€. Don't miss out on visiting this shop.

17 August 2013

Best CLUb in town My favourite insider tip! The cross club is in the north of Prague on the way back from the zoo. They have a huge outdoor area with different levels to sit. Nearly everything is made out of old metal stuff. Inside there is a club and a bar. The beer is cheap and the food is good. Freaky people celebrate and enjoy the atmosphere. If you don't like clubs, you should still go there. I haven't seen a location like this before.
ZOO Prague I enjoyed the zoo for 5 hours and never got bored. The zoo is outside in the north of Prague on a hill. We decided to walk there which took us 1,5 hours. So if you don't have the time or don't like to walk use the public transportation. We saw a tiger in front of us and we fed a monkey with leaves. On the Internet there is a list with all the feeding times. Use it and you will see much more animals. We saw a lot of different birds, huge snails and walked through wonderful theme areas. For families they have wheelbarrows to rent for kids if the way is to long for them. There's a chair lift to the highest point of the zoo. The zoo is a must in Prague and compared to other cities it's pretty cheap.
relax and enjoy flora and fauna The park is between the zoo and the city center. It's huge and impressing. You can go jogging or just for a walk. There are lakes and play yards inside. A great idea for hot and sunny days, especially on Sundays.
Picnic in the middle of the river Ostrov Stvanice is a small island in the river Vitava. On the right end there is a pool inside the river and on the left side you have a nice place for a picnic. The view is awesome and there is nobody around you. A great place to get some rest.

16 August 2013

PARTY in Prague Prague is a great city to celebrate. It hosts the biggest club in Europe (with 5 floors) and there are a lot of free concerts. When I got there we enjoyed a free festival. We mixed with the locals and were invited to celebrated a hens night. Doing a pub crawl is also a good idea in prague. For 20€ you can hop from bar to bar and party the whole night. Be open minded and stroll trough the city- you will find a lot. The metro drives 24 hours on weekends.
Old Town Hall - A must see Built in 1410, the Apparatus is the world's oldest functioning astronomical clock. It adorns the facade of the Old Town Hall of Prague's Old Town Square. The clock's astronomical dial tracks the motion of the sun, moon and stars. Above the dial, statues of the 12 apostles appear every full hour from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Historic city center: Food and funny shops The historic city center is the most traditional part of Prague: Artists show their talents, a great food market and a lot of different shops are located in the center. We saw an acrobatic show for free and tried a bit of everything at the market.
The Hollywood Hills of Prague Walk across the Chechuv bridge to get to a park on top of the hill. Up there you find a huge metronome. Watch skaters doing their moves and enjoy the park. I was lucky; when I came there I got to enjoy a free music festival. The view is amazing!
Delicious food and good beer Around this area you find a lot of different restaurants with traditional food. The food is good and the prices are low. Look around and find the perfect restaurant for you. A lot of them produce their own beer. I ate duck and it was simply amazing! Try a Slivovic, the local schnapps, after lunch!
Museum Kampa - Modern Art The whole area around the museum is simply awesome. Sculptures and installations in front of the building create an unique atmosphere. Inside the museum you find modern art and there are always temporary exhibitions like "Klimt". On the top you have a nice view again. Especially because the admission fees are low, you really shouldn't miss out on going there!
Manesuv Bridge From the Manesuv Bridge you have an awesome view to the riverside of Prague. Make a photo or let one of the artists on the bridge make a caricature of you. At the end of the bridge towards the center, go left. There is a small market where you can buy food like sausages and other typical products. Sit in the park or in front of the river close to the museum and enjoy the great view.
Shopping Street in direction to the museum From the historic center to the museum Kampa is a nice street called "Kaprova". Small shops, tourist stuff, but also hidden bars and funny artists are located around this area. Typical for Prague are Absinthe Shops where you can try and also buy "the green magic water". But be careful. Don't enter the first shop you see! There are a lot more in the smaller alleys.
Open Air Cinema Kaizlovy sady is a small park near the river and from July to September there is an open air cinema every evening. Entry is free and the movies are in english!
Sokoloska - A safe and clean area Sokolovska is a clean and safe area in the east of Prague. It's close to the city center and very silent. I found my room with The room was huge and i had an air conditioning, which I really recommend on hot summer days. There are nice parks and cafes and some "odd" shops wich are open till midnight. Behind Sokolovska, in the south is a small hill where you have an awesome view on Prague. From the metro station "Florenc" you reach every place in Prague. The metro station ticket is cheap but you can only use coins. So always have some with you. By feet its about 30 min to the historical center. There are also good bus connections.