Czech Republic · 3 Days · 15 Moments · September 2016

Prague, Czech Republic

12 September 2016

Waiting at the train station in Prague to go to Vienna. 4 hour train ride and the seats are not very comfortable for sleeping. Tell grandpa I'm very disappointed because there was no trolley with snacks like peanuts or something!

11 September 2016

Tonight we went on the water, rented the swan paddle boat, bought cheese, crackers and wine, and paddled throughout Praha (Prague). what a great time!! 🍷🍷
Thank you Prague!! What a beautiful city and such an amazing experience! I truly think we did Prague right. We got lost in the metro, lost walking the streets and got on a couple trams going the opposite direction. But you wouldn't be a tourist if you didn't! I loved pulling out my map and trying to navigate the streets, getting from one place to another. And the best day was spent just exploring the city, turning down random streets just to see where it would take us. The two tours we went on provided us with a brief history lesson of the city and it was very informative. The people aren't the friendliest of people. But that could be because they are just annoyed with the vast amount tourist in the city. Prague you will never be forgotten and thank you for a wonderful experience! The next stop is Vienna, and will be posted as a separate trip than this one. Make sure you follow ur trip to Vienna!
The Lennon wall!!
Somehow we found this random church hidden in a back alley. They had it gated up so you couldn't go inside
Today we just roamed around the city. Walked down random streets. Checking out different things. These pictures are from walking across the Charles Bridge!

10 September 2016

The first picture is of all the girls on our trip: Taylor (left), Kacie and Abbey. After the four we went out to eat with our tour guide and then to a local bar. No smoking in public places does not apply anywhere here and the bar reeked of smoke. I told the girls we can stay for one drink and then we are out of there.
Doughnut cone! Oh my goodness. The ice cream was so good! And the cone was made of a churro. It cost 95 koruna. Koruna is also referred to as crown. 1 koruna = 0.042 American dollar.
St. Virus Cathedral and the presidents house. The castle didn't have any lights to show off the cathedral at night. The Rolling Stones were the ones to donate money in order to illuminate the cathedral at night
The beginning of our tour to the Prague castle. The Castle is the largest mid evil castle in the world. Our tour guide Amanda was really cool! You know how the United States has a no open container rule on public property? Prague does not have any rule. You can walk any street drinking from a beer bottle or wine bottle... Believe it or not, there's a brewery at the top of the castle. Where were able to buy a bottle and drink while we finished the rest of the tour
Crown. 1 crown = 0.042 American dollars
Today we went on a free walking tour. Our tour guide was named David. He grew ups in Colorado and said he moved to Prague 3 years ago solely for the beer. Got to see Old Town, astronomical clock, theater where Mozart performed, Jewish temple, and much more!
Breakfast at the hostel is an all you can eat buffet with live music!

9 September 2016

We haven't had a legit meal in almost 24 hours. I tried to order golash for dinner tonight, but they were all sold out for the night. I settled for a pasta with bacon and it was very tasty! We sat outside the restaurant, over looking a river and watched as people went by on small boats. It was very relaxing and a good way to end a busy day of traveling.
We finally made it to Prague! Taylor's luggage got lost along the way, but the four of us made it in one piece. We took the bus from the airport to the hostel and that was an experience in itself. Kacie is from New York and we thought she'd be able to navigate the bus easily. But it proved to be a challenge for the four of us. Low and behold we got in the bus going the opposite direction. After we finally got on the correct bus we were able to walk the rest of the way to Hostel Downtown. Finally made it to our hostel around 1800.