United States of America · 147 Days · 5 Moments · May 2016

22 October 2016

En route, the second bus carrying us had no a/c so we had to squish together into one bus. Crossing into Serbia, we saw several refugees along the border stuck camping out.

5 July 2016

Quick stop at the Szechenyi Baths in Budapest en route to Belgrade!

1 July 2016

Last of Prague: -Angela Rose Sandelton... a fellow RY Molly wrote lyrics to song Alexander Hamilton for ARS's birthday. Pic 1 is the crew for my verse... the song will be forever stuck in Darien's head -Famous clock tower (pic 2) -Beautiful art work on Charles Bridge (pic 3) -Third times a charm at Lennon wall (pic 4) -Dancing house (pic 5)

13 June 2016

Prague continued... -Silence of the Lambs in old theater -White water rafting in the river... followed by volleyball -Karlovy Vary side trip (pic 3) -Getting lost in KV trying to find lighthouse for spectacular view (pic 4) -Perrin Tower view of Prague (pic 5) -Baby tower... yes, babies on the tower (pic 6) -Celebrating my roomie Molly's birthday (pic 8) -Hiking I'm Hrensko (pic 9) -Field Restaurant... a Michelin rated restaurant (pic 10)

28 May 2016

First couple of weeks in Prague highlights: -Kafka head and random creepy babies around the city -John Lennon wall -Grotto by workspace (Pic 8) -Sunrise on St. Charles' bridge (pic 10)