Czech Republic · 4 Days · 5 Moments · June 2017

28 June 2017

The Architecture was so beautiful. Walking around the city never gets old as we were always finding something new to look at and explore. The buildings are so cute and have so much character. Everywhere you go there is something to cast your eyes on. It was extremely busy when we were there and very touristy so if you're traveling in summer be prepared to be sharing the popular spots with a big crowd.

26 June 2017

We celebrated Julz Birthday dinner at a restaurant that serves the drinks on a train. It was an experience - at first I was worried it was a gimmick however the food was great and the drinks were also good. The trains are super cute going all different ways with peoples drinks on them. Cool experience.
Going outside the town center will allow you to see some more underground clubs. However just be aware of how underground you want to go. We ended up at this club just out of the city. At first we were happy as they were playing great techno tunes and had a really cool decor - very underground. Then we started to look around.. the club was filled with some shady people, absolute drug den but for addicts - you could feel the eyes on you and we all felt a little out of our comfort zones - at the bar a guy walked towards me and pulled out a knife, he just held it there and said a few things and I walked as quickly as I could back to the group. I felt so helpless and frightened. We didn't stay long after that. Staying in the town center is a safer option - however I only saw one club out of this area so may have just been a dodgy one.

24 June 2017

We stayed at the Czech Inn - out of the city but worth traveling too! Great service and has a small mini market right next door for any essentials needed during your stay. Tram line is directly across the road. Beds are great, sheets are soft and clean and the pillows are big and fab to sleep on. Would have been nice to be closer to the action however it was only 10 mins on a tram.