Australia · 8 Days · 36 Moments · June 2018

Prabakar's Gold Coast Adventure

15 June 2018

Balik Kampong

14 June 2018

Mega shopping
A1 observation tower
Room with a VIEW !!!!!!

13 June 2018

Zoo adventure at Steve Irwin zoo
Ready for zoo adventure

12 June 2018

Dreamworld memories 2
Dreamworld memories
Jumping with joy
Breakfast at hungry jacks

11 June 2018

Bye bye movieworld
The next Harry potter
Lunch and behold parames eating
Movieworld the middle part
Parames best friend
Starting movieworld
Breakfast with a million dollar view
Breakfast by mama

10 June 2018

Indian dinner
Looking for glow worms
Haran's Stark Tower😃
Super view
Whales in paradise
Whale watching

9 June 2018

Ice cream in winter
Seaworld fun
Our ride

8 June 2018

Aussie Pasar Malam
Jalan Jalan
Stylo Milo😎
Check in ...what a

7 June 2018

Getting ready to fly