Asia, Europe · 3 Days · 8 Moments · March 2017

23 March 2017

So Edinberg was quite a cool city.
Good morning from Edinburg. After we arrived from London around 6pm local time, the first thing we found out was the weather was and is super cruel. Wet and cool. The first meal we had was Thai food by Pangiee's mom. It was super satisfying to have lotsa meat with no cheese. And the first bath after almost 36 hr was indescribable. The night was early. We went to bed at 10 pm so we have an early morning today. We will leave the house around 9 am and walk around the downtown of Edinburg for the whole day. Just hope the weather will be bearable.

22 March 2017

We left from Doha at 9.30 am (around noon in Thailand) so it has been almost 24 hours since Me and Neon took off from Suwannakhuha. The flight this time is even better than the previous one because it is a lot bigger and it is not packed. That gives us more breathing room. Some of the crews are even Thai. The food options were cake vs chicken sausage. Both are so-so. I've just finished a Disney movie, Moana. It was great! And I guess I can make another one on board.
Transit time : 3 hr. Just chilling around. The best thing here is that we are now full team because Oudy met with us here. Missing one person but that couldn't be help at this point.
The journey was quite alright. Other than the big guy earlier, everything was fine. The seat was great and clean. They provided earplug, sock, toothbrush, as well as the usual blanket and pillow. The food was neither good nor bad. Considering our experience with Indian Air, the pancakes and omelette were quite pleasant. The movies showing on board were nice, the one I haven't seen and worth mentioning were Arrival, Moana, Edge of Seventeen, But I slept almost all the time, so I only got to see Arrival after breakfast. It ended right when the plane landed. The movie was great. Right now we are chilling at some food parlor in transit area, another hour before boarding
So everyone started arriving. Surprisingly Maii was not late. By the time of 9.30pm everyone was there at the check-in point, but it wasn't operational until 10.30pm. Then came the first misfortune of the trip. We found out at check in that Maii had put in the WRONG DATE for visa application, thus result in the wrong starting date for available visa. Instead of March 22th, she could only get in UK in March 29th. One whole week of. Apparently I was her own fault, so there was nothing we could do. Maii bought a new plane ticket for next week meaning she will miss out on all the fun in Scotland. Here we are already missing a person. TT_TT There was nothing else much to mention except that the person sitting beside me is so huge. Hope everything else on board will go smoothly.

21 March 2017

So the flight was right on time! We arrived at DonMuang and finished getting our luggages (backpacks, actually) just in time to get on the shuttle bus at half past six. The traffic was also light, so here we are, finished our dinner at S&P even before 8.30 pm. So we still have 2 more hour before check-in and 5 until take-off.
Starting our trip from Udon Thani. 2 people for now. The flight is 'bout 4.30 pm, so this probably the first time we ever be at the airport so early on because we are too excited. Will the flight be late? We will be arriving at DonMuang at just before 6 pm and we have to check in at Suwannabhum before 10.30pm. So if the flight is any later than it should be, we are fucked. But the luck should stay with us, I'm sure.