Portugal · 3 Days · 4 Moments · May 2018

Porto, Portugal

19 May 2018

Today we chilled out for a very long time to watch the royal wedding which was of course amazing, yay Harry & Meghan. After the morning was gone, whoops, we headed out to grab some lunch and do some shopping. Indi was the only one who ended up with something though - a new dress of course! Next we ended up on one of the trams which turned out to be a bit of a waste of time as it took us to places we’d already been (we got the wrong one) but the kids still loved it anyway (they don’t care for the views like we do!) Tonight is our last night in Porto. We’ve loved this place so much and are sad to leave. We are headed to Lisbon next.

18 May 2018

Today it was apartment moving day! We ended up moving to an apartment that had the rally cars driving right by to get to the track haha, what are the odds! We were so stoked. So while Dan got his hair done at the barbers, the kids and I watched the cars learning the track! It was so fun. Then when dan met us we grabbed some food to take back to the apartment and watched the cars ripping by! The kids love our new apartment because of the bunks. About 4pm we went to watch the rally... we sat on the grandstand which was right by the bump which was awesome. It was pretty hot too. Indi dropped her hat down and by the time we got to it, someone had taken it :( The rally was awesome and fun, we all had a great time! Hayden Patton was in a crash, poor guy so we didn’t get to see him racing. After the rally we went and grabbed some dinner and then went back to the apartment and heard the cars til about 11pm!

17 May 2018

Today was jam-packed! We started off by walking to the World of Discoveries Museum which was really cool. It included a theme park ride which was a boat that took us through all the countries the Portuguese explored in the early day. It was really interesting! After lunch we decided to go on a real boat tour on the Douro which was great! It took us to see the six different bridges. The commentary wasn’t in English though which was funny. After that it was really hot so we went back to the apartment to chill out for a bit. At about 6pm we decided to go to Lavaria Lello which is an amazing bookstore which inspired J K Rowling to write Harry Potter! The kids loved it and so did we. We got Lucas the little prince book but dan later went back to get him his first Harry Potter book, fitting to come from there we thought! After that we went to have dinner, we ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe which is funny. There was a band playing and Lucas was crazy dancing to it haha!

16 May 2018

Today we crossed the border into PORTUGAL! Yay! Porto, we loooove you and loved you from the start! It’s always a little stressful and the ONLY time we fight when we arrive at a new place and we are challenged with tiny busy roads and no parks and trying to unload our stuff and the kids haha! Once we were sorted we got into our apartment and were stoked! Such a cool space and awesome view! We noticed there were fan spaces everywhere and learned the rally de Portugal was on here so we booked to stay an extra 2 nights but at a different apartment! The afternoon was for exploring and we ended up on the gondola which had great views, then we walked across the big bridge at the top which was semi terrifying but amazing views of the Douro river. Walking along the river and seeing all the sights with music was magical. We had a nice dinner and got to see the sunset over the beautiful homes and the river. As we were walking home there was a man blowing bubbles which the kids loved.