United States of America · 1 Days · 1 Moment · March 2016

Ruby Watson

Portland Indoor Track Classic

12 March 2016

Friday: Drove down yesterday and went straight to the Convention Center once we got to Portland. Watched a bunch of races (the 3ks were pretty fun to watch!). When Kristen and I went to warm up, we found out that they were already on the final call for her heat (her heat was going earlier than the rest), so she only got a couple minutes to warm up. I had to sprint back to where we were sitting and get her stuff for her. So that was pretty stressful. I felt really good before my race, but I only ran a 5:14, which was a bit frustrating. Peter thinks I'm just a bit out of shape after not training very well for the past month (due to bring sick, and such). Hopefully I'll be able to come back quickly and still break 5 this outdoor season.