United States of America · 36 Days · 11 Moments · November 2017

Pipe Leak highway to Dream

28 December 2017

We went to the Hudson Furniture Outlet store both in Sanford and Altamonte Springs. I loved this double recliner. It’s $1500 so we decided not to get it and keep Ralph’s Lift chair so I’m just looking for a leather recliner for myself.
We were looking around for either a new leather recliner for me or a double recliner for both of us with a console in the middle that holds cups. These are our leather couches that we have already that we are trying to match. We are also getting a new fence in our backyard to replace this old fence. We got a new lawn company that cut and trimmed our backyard. It looks so much better now.

20 December 2017

We had to put all of our furniture downstairs in a warehouse while it was getting remodeled. I have to go through all the stuff in the warehouse to decide what to keep and what to sell. Eric is moving out in January and I will make his room into a art studio.

16 December 2017

Looking for furniture for redecorating our house.

10 December 2017

Would like to do this to our stairs.
We thought we had another leak thank God it wasn’t it was just water underneath our foundation that was making the concrete damp from all the rain. Had red guard put on concrete floor to keep moisture out from under our new floors.

4 December 2017

We went to the homeowners association to get approval for our paint color for the outside of our house in Lakewood at the Crossings and while Ralph was waiting in the conference room a large TV feel off a table onto his head. He got a big bump on his head so I took him to the ER to get checked out and he was ok. Thank God he’s got a hard head. Lol.
Looking around the neighborhood for ideas for paint colors for the outside of our house. We decided on the color called “Amazing Gray”. It’s like a Taupe color.

23 November 2017

Remodeling our house from the pipe Leak.
I couldn’t believe it! We had a pipe Leak the weekend before open enrollment! The water leaked under our laminate floors downstairs and they had to pull up all our flooring, put dryers in the house and had to stay at an extended stay hotel in Lake Mary. It was crazy! I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown! But I was able to get a place 5 minutes from the house with a long desk to work from. Ralph got all the contractors to get the work done and I picked out the paint colors and flooring. This is what it looked like while we were under construction. I got to stay at the hotel and work and then passed out after a long day of working for 12 hours a day.