Mexico · 58 Days · 9 Moments · October 2014

Polona's voyage in Mexico

24 December 2014

Bacalar, el pueblo magico. A wonderful little town with a healing-mud lake and many cenotes :) A great place to relax!

22 December 2014

Lazy days in Bacalar... We just got invited to the wedding of the owners of the place where we're staying. Just wonderful! The official start of the holiday season ;)

19 November 2014

Palenque - a Maya city only about 2% of which has so far been uncovered, the rest is still 'absorbed into the jungle'. Pretty amazing! What is also quite impressive is that the Mayas believed people were created out of corn... I must say they had some tricky philosophy, right?

14 November 2014

Oaxaca beaches; Puerto Escondido & Mazunte, sandy beaches, mezcal, Mazunte Jazz Festival...

5 November 2014

The pre-Hispanic city of Teothiuacan (= birthplace of the gods), they built quite some steep pyramids back then :)

1 November 2014

Dia de los Muertos - one of the biggest celebrations in Mexico. People go to the cemeteries to honour the deceased and decorate their graves with lively colours. They even invite musicians to come and play a song at the grave. It is not a sad occasion, on the contrary, they celebrate the beginning of a new, better life.

30 October 2014

We had a guided tour yesterday in the area of Creel - we saw a cave inhibited by local people, the Elephant rock, lake Arareko and the local Raramuri people, the Curasare waterfall and San Ignacio Mission in the Valley of the Frogs and Mushrooms, very enjoyable!

29 October 2014

Finally realised how to add a new country ;) I have to invite you guys for each new country we visit, I hope it's not annoying ;)

28 October 2014

Mr El Chepe, the only passenger train in Mexico, took us from Los Mochis through the Copper Canyon to a small town called Creel. The views from this slow train from the 1960's are majestic!