Asia · 27 Days · 6 Moments · April 2017

SEA Exploration May'17

14 May 2017

Story of the Mango: I was walking on the streets of Phnom Penh, back to my hostel, and then, there's this guy selling mangoes on the motorbike. I asked him what type of mangoes is that (because I was looking for the best mangoes in Cambodia) and he told me the one he was selling is the second best. So I rejected him nicely and he went off. After I walked a distance, he stopped and offered to give me one mango! Then he asked to take photo of me holding the mango, so I smiled awkwardly at his camera. LOL. Wonder what he wants to do with the photo though! HAHA! Anyway, perks of walking on the streets: free mango! HAHA! 😂

3 May 2017

Taking bus to Pakchong now!!! First destination up: Khao Yai!!! Weather is a bit hot but better than raining! Rather chao da than rain hahaha! On a side note, I lost my cap at Changi Airport and now I think I am having fever... What a bad start! But I'm sure things will be fine!!! THE JOURNEY BEGINS!!!
Throat hurts real bad after sleeping for like 1 hour at the airport arghh!! So I entered the departure gates and saw GUARDIAN! WITH PHARMACY SOMEMORE! My true guardian of all times HAHA! So I got Dorithricin, my saviour for my throat!
Doodles with watercolours at Airport McDonalds hehe. Looks like a kid's doodle though... 😅

2 May 2017

Going to airport early to sleep and wait for my 6.30AM flight! Feeling a bit sick though... I hope it goes away soon!!! Still excites for my trip! Hehe!

17 April 2017

EXCITED FOR MY TRIP YAY!!!! Counting down to less than half a month to go!!! JUST HAVE TO PULL THROUGH THE LAST FINALS!!! JIAYOUS POH!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻