Croatia · 8 Days · 9 Moments · July 2017

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22 July 2017

// primošten 🚗 home We wish we wouldn't have to write our last moment for this trip but we have no choice 😑 After the last night aboard we had a stressful morning (like every year) with packing our bags and leaving the boat. To avoid traffic jam at the boarders we were staying at a bay near primošten for a few hours but now we are sitting in our car heading home. We hope that the streets are not too busy, if everything is fine we will be home in about 6 hours. So now we have to say bye bye miss elli, bye bye croatia and bye bye beautiful sea -> see you in 47 days in new zealand 🇳🇿❤ And last but not least, check out our video edit on instagram and follow us on our next journi to new zealand, australia and southeast asia starting on 4th of september 😊 Cheers, Dominic & Theresa

21 July 2017

// split ⛵ primošten Today was our last day on our 44 feet sailing yacht miss elli. We left split around noon after having a great breakfast aboard. First we were heading to a handsome litte town called rogoznica but we just stayed on our yacht and drove along the bay. After that we headed to the bay next to rogoznica where we were anchoring for a swiming stopover. Short while later we had to go back to our homebase in primošten where the owners of the yacht (and also the charter company) awaited us for a short talk about our trip. The owners Uwe & Uwe were really fun company so we had dinner toghether in primošten. The food at the restaurant mediteran was absolutley the BEST of the whole week - nothing more to say!! After showing the guys our video edit we were talking about "little" deals for next years sailing trip 😉 Altogether we had a really glorious last day, tomorrow we sadly have to head home...

20 July 2017

// sveti klement ⛵ split after a relaxed and sunny day with a swim-stopover in brač we were staying at the ACI marina in split and had a good night in the city eating pizza 🍕and walking through the old town.

19 July 2017

// vis ⛵ blue cave biševo ⛵ sveti klement a taxi boat collected us from our yacht to bring us to biševo where the blue cave was. the place was really busy and crowded and we had to wait approx 45 minutes to get into the cave. the cave itself was stunning and it was really bright and blue! it has 3 natural entrances and it is up to 20 metres wide and 15 metres high and 16 metres deep. unfortunately it's forbidden for 15 years to swim or dive in there. it was a quick visit and everything went really fast because our driver seemed not very motivated. the entrence fee was 70 kuna per person and the taxi boat 100 kuna\person. if you want to visit you have to go in the morning between 10 and 12 because of certain light incidence. after lunch we headed back north to sveti klement. a lovely island with lots and lots of bays. in one of tese we spent the night with card games, gin and tortellini ✌️

18 July 2017

// hvar ⛵ vis had a relaxed morning with first of all ☕️ and nutella 🥐, swimming and we took some shots from above with our drone. afterwards we sailed approximately 4 hours southwest to the island vis with perfect wind conditions! sneaky sun made us all look like ripe tomatoes because wind is always cooling us down a bit and it's never too hot. tonight we are staying in a bay called komize where we had delicious dinner in the little town. the people there were celebrating a religious festival today with a parade, a kind of oldfashioned sailingshow and a big firework 🎆

17 July 2017

// starigrad ⛵ hvar Finally arrived in hvar we tried to get a buoy in the city but they were all occupied so we were mooring again in a bay called mareta. After an amazing dinner we took a taxi boat to hvar. Hvar is definitly the place to be for a night out, it's really busy and with lots of party people. A few cocktails and gins later the taxi boat brought us safely back to our yacht, thanks to our driver Edi 😉

16 July 2017

// trogir ➡️ starigrad we left beautiful trogir this morning and had pretty strong wind (up to 35 knots), so we sailed south to the island hvar. on our way we stopped by on the island called šolta for swimming and lunch. the bay and the little village were we are anchoring tonight is called starigrad. we haven't seen much of it yet cause it was already dark when we arrived but we will visit tomorrow for breakfast ☕️ the wind bora is still continuing which is good for sailing on one hand but makes it a bit tricky and sometimes even dangerous to stay overnight in bays on the other hand. but let's see how it is tomorrow ✌️

15 July 2017

//Primosten ⛵ Trogir After taking a tasty breakfast with an awesome beach view in primošten we were heading to the marina to get our boat 😍 Some hours and litte issues later we were finally on our way to trogir, a great city with a little bit of a game of thrones feeling 😉 Mooring in trogir was a bit of a challenge because there was strong wind called bora blowing with more than 22 knots. But luckily everything went well and we spent a good night with pizza, pasta and beer (and wine 😉)

14 July 2017

// Śibenik we gonna spend the next 8 days in beautiful croatia and we'll be sailing the adriatic sea ⛵️ we finally arrived this morning and of course had to start our trip with karlovačko beer and dalmatian ham. We'll stay in a nice apartment tonight and hopefully get the sailing yacht soon tomorrow morning! and this is gonna be the crew - my dad (best captain) my mum, my brother maxi and the two of us. cheers theresa ✌️