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new zealand // australia // southeast asia

22 January 2018

Last but not least, we have found a quote in sydney which exactly says what we go for!

21 January 2018

Back home! A bit earlier as expected because theresas theeth hurt for 2 weeks already. For the last posting we want to gather some facts about our journy: - 141 days of travelling - 10.453,7km on the road with our RVs - 13 starts and landings with a plane - 10 different countries visited - walked more than 460km - 17 dives in australia, thailand and philippines We have learned a LOT at our first trip, things like how often do i really use all the things in my bag? How cheap is it possible to sleep, eat and travel through the different countries. We really enjoyed the trip as a couple and we like each other more than ever before! Thanks for reading our postings, we hope you enjoyed? We definitely did!

19 January 2018

Siquijor is such a beautiful island and known as philippines magical island. The weather was pretty good so we got all our stuff and spent the day out on the boat. We did some dives, had some beers and a lot of fun with the staff and owner of the hotel tough. It's by the way an austrian owner ;-) AND we did our first night dive and it was amazing, it's absolutely different to a day dive - all the small things get alive, really cool :)

16 January 2018

We catched the ferry from cebu to siquijor early morning and checked in at our really nice hotel where we met with a friend who will travel the philippines with us. The weather on the first 2 days was really disappointing so we dicided to stay in our hotel, play some games and drink a lot of beer. The next day we headed to another waterfall. The Cambugahay falls is a must-do when you’re in Siquijor. It’s very easy to reach, no long hike needed. A few steps down you'll reach the entrance to paradise. The location is beautiful - turqouise water in the middle of the forest. We spent there around 2h with swiming and trying the tarzan swing for 50 pesos each ;-) Really worth seeing!!

15 January 2018

14 January 2018

Kawasan Falls are one of the most famous waterfalls in the Philippines. Here awaits turquoise blue water where you can swim around and relax. To start early morning was a great decision because nobody was there and we were able to take some photos without thousands of chinese people 😂

12 January 2018

Finally -> Philippines 😍 After a 3,5h flight and 4h mini van ride we arrived in moalboal. Moalboal is all about diving. It's the philippines famous dive site for diving with huge schools of sardines and yes - it's seriously impressive . If you are diving below the sardines it looks like a big courtain is flying around you. The weather wasn't the best at all those days, well, good enough for diving :)

9 January 2018

hello malaysia 👋 we started our two days in kuala lumpur at the batu caves with the famous 42 m high Murugan statue (they say it's the worlds biggest) and we continued our sightseeing tour at the aquarium and the petronas towers. second day was about chinatown, merdeka square and menara tower wich is surrounded by old-growth forest, the oldest protected rainforest of malaysia. and to perfectly finish our KL trip we had pizza for dinner 😂🍕🍕🍕

5 January 2018

we headed to khao lak for our advanced open water course 🦈 first day we did three dives on the house reef of khao lak which is really shallow but it was ok as we did a lot of exercise in perfect bouyancy, fish identification and navigation. the second day we went to the similan islands for 2 deep dives and it was really great! we say huuuge lobsters, an octopus 🐙 and really nice sea fans and corals. unfortunally the camera was out of battery 😩 today we got back to phuket were we'll stay right next to the airport because we are flying to kuala lumpur tomorrow ✈️

3 January 2018

we took the ferry back to phuket were we stayed in a nice hotel close to patong beach where they really know how to party! first night we had to walk through famous bangla road (papa always said gammler road 😂) where hundreds of thais tried to convince you to go in a club, watch a peep show or see a muay thai fight. it really was like i imagined we spent new years eve in very fine resto where we could overlook the whole bay and see the firework. they also lit hundreds of lanterns which was full of atmosphere! after midnight we went to celebrate my brothers birthday and the new year on the beach 🥂 our favourite beach in phuket was definitely freedom beach, it looks like out of a picture book and also it's not too crowded. unfortunatelly we had to say goodbye to my family but see you very soooon ♥️

27 December 2017

We did 2 beautiful morning dives at Ko Bi Da Nok and Ko Bi Da Nai. The visibility was good and we saw some amazing cuttlefishs which looked like small unterwater spaceships, a beautiful gold/white moray and a really huge shoal of fish circled around us :) We are totally looking forward to our advanced open water course at the similan island on the 4th and 5th of january 😍🐙

26 December 2017

At first - merry christmas to everyone and sunny greets from one of the most beautiful beaches in thailand 🎄🎅 We arrived on Koh Phi Phi and had christmas dinner at the beach - it was a strange feeling because no one were in christmas mood like at home 😅 But it was really nice and we had a great evening with some funny presents from a market for each other. After christmas we were doing some day trips to Maya Bay, Bamboo Island, Monkey Beach and Nui Bay - all of them were really beautiful but our favorite was the monkey beach 😂 they were really cheeky and stole our bananas from the backpack 🐒🍌 We also did a christmas dive to Ko Bi Da Nok and Ko Bi Da Nai, some pictures in the next post :) On 29th we are heading to Patong, the famous party town in Phuket where we will spend our new years eve 🎆

23 December 2017

FAMILY REUNION! ♥️🤗 We met theresa's family in bangkok where we stayed for 3 nights in a really beautiful resort with a special view above the city! Bangkok is different to every other city we saw in southeast asia so far. the city is huge and the traffic jam is awful but there are so many places to explore! We have been at the rooftop bar called lebua at state tower where we had the most awesome view and some tasty but ridiculously expensive gin tonics and we checked out some temples as well - everything is so huge and massive! Now we are heading to Koh Phi Phi where we are going to spend the christmas days on the beach 😍

18 December 2017

a 10h train ride took us down south to Ayutthaya. The city was the capital of the siamese kingdom of Ayutthaya that existed from 1351 to 1767. it was described to be the biggest and wealthiest city in the east in the 16th century. in 1765 burmese armies invaded the territories of ayuttaya and burned the city down. the ruins of the historical city are now spread all over the town and listed as unesco world heritage sites. we loved strolling through the town with all its towers and "wats" and there was even a so called cultural heritage fair when we areived with music, dances and looots of food! after a busy day full of sightseeing we spoiled ourselves with the best massage you can imagine 🤤

16 December 2017

back in chiang mai i (theresa) finally got to do what i wanted for a really long time! we enjoyed one day of wheel throwing at the amazing and inspiring Inclay Studio Pottery. we had great teachers who showed us different techniques and styles. hope i (we?) can develop this new passion at home ☺

13 December 2017

1864 curves and 1 sicknesspill later we arrived in pai, a small town with a very hippie vibe. We stayed here for 3 nights and didn't do a lot of activities - just cruisin' around with our scooter, check out 2 or 3 sights and relax at the hotel pool. Pai is a foodie heaven too, at night the main street turns into a walking street with lots of food stalls. this town is the perfect place to relax a view days before you head towards bangkok :)

11 December 2017

we made it to thailand! 😍🇹🇭 after 16h of travel from luang namtha we arrived to chiang mai. we both like that city very much as there are a lot of nice cafés, old book and music shops and of course we fell in love with thai people. it's the land of smiles and that's totally true! i also loved vietnamese and cambodian people but somehow it's different here. we got a scooter again and we were cruisin' around for the last days exploring the city and it's surroundings. i was really looking forward to a wheel throwing course but unfortunatelly it was fully booked. so there's gonna be a next time 💁🏼

9 December 2017

8 December 2017

fun fact: there will only be a bus in southeast asia when it's full! or you simply need to pay as much as the driver says or you are stuck. but hey, that's how it works here 💁🏼 so when we arrived namtha we checked out tours to go for a day trek in nam ha nationalpark. we opted for a "village, waterfall, jungle" trek and they promised to see different native tribes like the khmu or hmong people and how they live and work. it turned out be a simple hike through the jungle, it was not very special or interesting. we've only seen a view spiders and a jungle chicken 🤔 tomorrow we will head to thailand 😍

6 December 2017

we took a bus to go to nong khiaw because we heard that it's a nice and calm little place. it was indeed very little, so there were just a few guesthouses and restaurants but very laid back and located right next to a river. we hiked to a viewpoint in the evening and i guess we met all the other tourists from nong khiaw there 😂 so it was quite busy on top of that mountain but the sunset was still very nice.

4 December 2017

First thing we did when we arrived in luang prabang: we went for a massage and it was soo relaxing 😍 next day we went to see the kuang si falls a bit outside of town. The place was quite crowded but we found a spot without people to snap some nice drone shots! Can you spot us in the pictures? At night we headed to the city to explore the night market which was by far the coolest market by now. We bought some nice handmade fabrics and some gifts 😊

3 December 2017

6 hr bus ride up north we arrived at vang vieng which was known to be the party mekka of laos a couple of years ago but the police had to stop it because too many people died at doing adventurous things while drinking a lot of alcohol. We visited the "famous" blue lagoons but we were kind of dissapointed - crowded, more brown than blue and built of human hands! It's not really worth going there, Vang Vieng itself was beautiful though. Now we are leaving for luang prabang, we heard that it's going to be a bumpy 8hr ride - yey 🙈

1 December 2017

It's a shame that we didn't have more time in cambodia but we are a bit in "hurry" because we have to finish laos and the north of thailand until 20th of december before we meet with theresa's family in bangkok 😍 Long story short - after 2 bumpy flights from siem reap we arrived in vientiane, the captial city of LAOS 🇱🇦 The first day we just checked out the night market, had some awesome food and a refreshing massage because of the stressful flights 😉 The second day we visited every seightseeing location in vientiane like the buddha park, the patuxai or the famous pha that luang. Later we tried some laotian food called "larb" but it wasn't our favorite flavor :) But we can warmly recomment the lao black rice beer - it's amaaazing!! Now off to vang vieng ✌

28 November 2017

we were so looking forward to see the temple complex of Angkor Wat. it is a huge city built back in the first half of the 12th century and at the peak of khmer empire more than 1 mio. people lived around angkor region. it is ravaged by war and depredations by the thais and champas. most of the buddha statues miss their heads and there are the most beautiful low reliefs and they tell the stories about war! we've also seen Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm Temple. They honestly were impressive and took our breath away! The negative parts of our visit: there are thousands of people and it was really crowded everywhere. Another thing is the price! we actually wanted to go there two days but they just recently raised the price from 20$ to 37$ for one day. but still, it was definitly worth it!

26 November 2017

Helloooo cambodia 🇰🇭❤ After some special border experiences and handlings we arrived in the capital city phnom penh. We spent a lot of time on tuktuks but we walked a lot as well to see all the beautiful palaces, monuments and buildings. We also visited the killing fields, one of many places in cambodia where the red khmer killed 1/4 of the population 40 years ago, we saw all the mass graves and killing weapons as well. The imagination to stay at a place where thousands of people get killed for such idiotic reasons is horrible and heartbreaking.The smell at the graves was ... different. To cheer up our mood we went to the koh oknah tei island to visit some beautiful silk farms where the local people showed us how they make all the beautiful silk products! Tomorrow we are leaving phnom penh for the long-awaited siem reap and ANGKOR WAT 😍

25 November 2017

23 November 2017

We reached our last destination in vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City! HCMC is the biggest and therefore the busiest city in the country. 20 years ago it was the capital city of vietnam, back then the city was named Sai Gon - most of the locals still use the old name. In the city we visited the palace of intependence, the notre dame cathedral, the old post office AND the heartbreaking war remnants museum. We learnt a lot of the vietnamese war which lasted more than 17 years, the museum showed us some horrible things. Time runs so fast, now it's time for cambodia 🇰🇭😍

21 November 2017

we were soo looking forward to nice beach days in mui ne but we were really disappointed by that beachfront. it is seriously busy with kite surfers so you can not really go in the water and there is so much litter around. we didn't wanted to stay there so we went back to our hostel und stayed at the pool wich is nice. we were really surprised to find sand dunes just a bit outside of mui ne! there are really pretty red and white dunes and it's the perfect spot to watch the sunset ✨ tomorrow we will head to Ho Chi Minh City ☺

20 November 2017

when we arrived in charming Da Lat we rented a scooter and just cruised around the city. we also went to see the crazy house which is surrealistically designed and the market 🍉🌽 da lat has got a beautiful lake right in the middle of the city and due to the colder weather coffee, strawberry and flower plantations everywhere around. 🌸

19 November 2017

The tropical storm "Damrey" hit vietnams coast two weeks ago, 100 people lost their lives and farmers lost their crops. We could still see the great extent of damage damrey caused in Hue and in Nha Trang. We feel so sorry for the people who suffer from this storm.
Today we arrived at Nha Trang, a city who is known for it's beautiful beach, party and russian holidaymakers! it was pouring most of the day but a dry hour in the afternoon allowed us to visit the Ponagar Temples which are around 1200 years old and really beautiful to see. Because the weather was forecasted as really bad we will leave for Da Lat tomorrow morning.

18 November 2017

Finally AWESOME weather in vietnam 🌞 We arrived in Hoi An after a short 3,5h bus ride from Hue. And yeah, this town is just mind-blowing - at night the old town comes alive and turns into a magical place with all the lanterns and the big night market wich makes a lovely atmosphere! Also war didn't reach this place so lots of historical buildings and temples survived. But the streets are seriously busy and thats also a reason why it's more expensive than at other places in vietnam. We spent 3 whole days in Hoi An, 1 of them we just enjoyed our pool at our awesome "Villa" (12€ per night/room). It was one of our best visits so far - totally worth seeing! Today we are heading to Nha Trang by night bus, it will take 12h+ - yeaaaah 😐😂 Cheers!

15 November 2017

we arrived in hue yesterday and the weather welcomed us with a thunderstorm and driving rain. Today (at least the weather was ok in the morning) was all about history: the imperial city of hue was a capital city of nguyen dynasty wich was the last vietnamese imperial dynasty. Walking through this huge place and seeing what remained was fascinating! Hue is also known for amazing food, we tried 4 different local restaurants and NEVER got dissapointed - dominic specialy loved the rice pudding with hashed shrimps (last picture) 😍
The food in 'Nam is amazing! 🤤diverse meat-free dishes and the seafood is nice too! #foodieheaven

13 November 2017

We have to admit that Phong nha ke bang national park is quite something! As well as trang An also listed as unesco word heritage it impresses with hundreds of cave systems including the biggest and the third biggest caves is the world and with many more gems still undiscovered in the deep and dense jungle. 🌴 Hang Son Doon is the biggest cave in the world and we would have loved to visit but frankly, 3000 USD (3nights) would break our budget. so instead we opted for the smaller, but still impressive Tu Lan cave system daytour which included trekking, one dry cave and one wet cave where we had to swim through. it was a really good day and our expectations were just met! also a lovely group of 5 other travellers ☺ a big shoutout to Oxalis Adventure tour, very much recommended!

11 November 2017

We arrived in Tam Coc near Ninh Binh after a 5 hr bus ride from cat ba island. The most popular thing in this area is unesco world heritage Tràng An. Tràng An is a spectacular landscape complex of limestone karst peaks mixed with temples and pagodas. We did a great 2,5hr boat tour trough the caves and visited the movie set of king kong as well. The nature looks really amazing but after 30 minutes on the boat everything looks really similar but yeah, it's still worth seeing :) we are leaving for phong nha national park tonight. a 10h (🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️) nightbus will get us there. we booked a one day cave expedition - we are really excited and looking forward to it!

9 November 2017

after a 12h night bus ride from Sapa we finally arrived in Cat Ba! Dominic got us a nice hotel and this day was all about relaxing and food 🍜 we tried a vegan version of a vietnamese Hot Pot called lâu thâp châm which was really nice. basically like fondue with vietnamese soup 🤤 we wanted to do a cruise through Halong the next day but the weather was pretty miserable so we decided i stay another night so we had quite good weather today exploring Lan Ha, Halong and Monkey Island 🐒 and we have to say that our expectations were really high about Halong Bay but we didn't get disappointed! the only bad thing about this place is that there is so much waste everywhere, especially in the water 😞 we even saw a baby monkey eating a cigarette!

5 November 2017

Sapa is really worth going! it takes approx 6h from hanoi by bus and we arrived yesterday afternoon and headed straight to our homestay in a village 9km from sapa town. there are a few different ethnic minorities living here and they all have very colourful clothes and the people in general look very different to the people in hanoi. we are staying in a lovely homestay with a lovely family but we had some communication difficulties at the beginning 😅 we went exploring the rice paddy fields, waterfalls and the "mountains" of sapa.

3 November 2017

Hello Vietnam 👋 arrived in hanoi we were stunned by the busy streets, the people and the new food 🍲 crossing the street seemed like an impossible challenge! vietnamese people drive like crazy and carry all kinds of stuff on their bikes. we just decided that 1,5 days in hanoi is enough for us and we will go to sapa tomorrow morning. seems like the perfect place to relax and get closer to the locals :)

1 November 2017

Singapore is a really crazy high-tech city like everybody told us and we had two awesome days fully packed with sightseeing. first we had pizza at pizzaexpress (shame on us) next we went up to the 57th floor - the observation deck - at the marina bay sands hotel. Some pictures later we visited a brewery in another skyscraper on the other side of the bay called "level 33" where you have one of the best views above singapore and it's massiveness. Our second day didn't start as we expected because the lens of our camera was ruined - we had no idea why but there was no solution for fixing it so we had to buy a new one... and yeah, the new lens is amaaazing 😅 After fixing all the the troubles with the cam we headed to chinatown, gardens of the bay and some temples. Singapore is really worth seeing, its so massiv and different in so many ways! Tomorrow off to -> HANOI / Vietnam 😍

30 October 2017

Helloooo baaaaaali 😍 so happy to be back! We spent our only day in canggu with - what else - a massage, awesome food and meeting a friend for having some bintangs! We really regret that we didn't stay longer in bali because we felt so happy immediately after the first step out of the airport. Bali - we'll definitly see you again but then for longer 😊 Now off to singapore 👌✈

29 October 2017

time passes way too fast 😫 we spent the last two days of our australia trip with going up to cape tribulation and exploring beautiful beaches and the daintree rainforest 🌴 we just had to say goodbye to our beloved van. we had such a good time roadtrippin' with this old guy and discovering all the untouched (well, at least they felt untouched) places on the eastcoast. now off to bali 😍

27 October 2017

Finally we did our first dive at the spectacular GREAT BARRIER REEF 👌 We met our guides at 09:00 at the Marina in Cairns. Couple of minutes later we drove out to the sudbury reef wich is at the outer part of the great barrier reef. We were the only 2 certified divers on the vessel with 50 people so we got a guide just for ourself 😅 after revising some handsigns we jumped into the water and descented to the beautiful fishes and corals. The visibility was amazing and the sea was totally calm so we had perfect conditions! After 2 dives at the reef we have to say that we expected the reef to be more colourful and unfortunatelly we didn't see any sharks 🙁 but all in all we had an awesome day - thanks to the cool island diver crew at this point - we will never forget this experience👌

25 October 2017

Yesterday we had an awesome day at the billabong sanctuary near townsville, where we fed some lovely kangoroos and finally saw some super sweet koalas 😍 After spending a night in a rest area we headed up to the waterfall circuit, starting at millaa millaa. there were two more falls within 15km - nothing special but still, everyone likes waterfalls right? 😅 The highlight of the day was on the way to millaa millaa, where we found a secret "spa". it's a hidden gem and there were just a few locals. The water had such a great colour and a perfect temperature - a really great spot for a short refreshing stop and some nice pictures 👌

22 October 2017

Welcome to paradise 🏝 Located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef on the Queensland coast, lies 74 island wonders. We were discard with our sailing boat out of abell port, Airlie Beach straight to the whitehaven beach - one of the top 5 beaches in the world and we definitely emphasize this! The sand is so fine and so unbelivable white, the sea so clear. We saw some rays and tiny little sharks speeding around us :) Later that day we had an awesome dinner and a couple of beers on the boat. Next morning we got up early for a snorkeling and kayak tour were we saw some turtles 😍 After having lunch we headed back to airlie beach where the trip came to an end... It was so fantastic, we really recommend it to everyone who is around the great barrier reef ⛵ PS: SV Whitehaven is the only eco-sailing boat that doesn't destroy the reef (and the crew is awesome)

19 October 2017

Fraser Island, off Australia’s eastern Queensland coast, is the world's largest sand island, stretching over 120km and yeah, we visited it for sure 😄 We did a 2 day/1 night tour with an off road bus trough the island and visited places like the famous lake mckenzie, the maheno ship wreck, the indian head or the champagne pools! We were lucky with the weather and had really fun with all the other people who where with us - thanks guys for that couple of days! Now we are heading up north to the whitsunday island for a sailing trip - we are so excited 😍

16 October 2017

Rain, rain and more rain... Arrived in brisbane we went for a walk through the city. We visited the museum and the gallery of arts, both are really worth seeing and quite interesting - perfect things to do when its raining. After walking through the shopping streets and gardens of brisbane we catched the free cityhopper boat back to our camper van! Now we have to head to hervey bay where our fraser island tour will start from. Ps.: we heard that this october is the rainiest october for 10 years - so thank you mother earth at this point 😉

14 October 2017

After byron bay we headed 1h up north to the gold coast aka surfers paradise. On the map it looks like venice, there are so much canals and streams going through the really big city and every way ends at the sea so everyone has a boat parking in the front of their house 😅 We didn't spend too much time here because it was raining the whole day - its a shame! Ok, looking forward to brisbane tomorrow 😊

13 October 2017

Byron bay isn't that cool as we expected - it's a bit cooler ;-) the people are fancy and really random. There are amazing stores and pubs where you can spend all your money. This small little town is definitely worth seeing!! We booked some cool trips in byron bay, we are going to make a 2 day trip to fraser island, a sailing adventure to the whitsundays and we are finally going to dive at the great barrier reef - soooo exited to do all of these things 😍

12 October 2017

Sydney was amaaazing, we are totally in love with that city. But now we are looking forward to byron bay, surfers paradise aaand brisbane - 800km to go :) On the road we just stopped at some beaches to have breakfast and snacks but the way up to byron bay isn't that spectacular! Really worth seeing are the rock pools at mona vale - that looks fantastic! There was a bit rain the last 2 days so we dicided to head straight to byron bay - see u there sooooon 😍

10 October 2017

HI SYDNEY 🙋🏼🙋🏽‍♂️ we were really looking forward to visiting this special city and our expectations hadn't been dashed ♥️ we have been to the main tourist attractions like Sydney Opera House, Horbour Bridge, the royal botanic garden, observatory hill, the rocks and for refreshment in between we had nice food at the night noodle market 🍜

9 October 2017

when in another country why not visit it's capital? we started the day in canberra right with an amaaaazing breakfast at cuppingroom. definitly worth going there for brekkie or lunch! afterwards we went to see the parliament house, to the national portrait gallery and to the national war museum which was really interesting. the custom built capital seems low on spontaneity and big on architectural symbolism. it's built like a cake and very easy to go there by car.

8 October 2017

We just enjoyed ourselves at the cape conran section of what is known as the wilderness coast. Very remote and beautiful 😊

6 October 2017

After spending a night at the great ocean road we went back east and catched the ferry to mornington peninsula (just to save some miles and avoid the traffic around melbourne). Up next the bucket list was philip island where we watched the penguin parade. these tiny little buddys come back to their homes every day after sunset in breeding season - hundreds of people were there to view this spectacle. We wouldn't do that again because it was too expensive just to see some chinese people fighting for who can be closer to the penguins... Today we drove up the coast to the ninety mile beach. It is beautiful and seems endless!! Just sand, dunes and sea for more than 90 miles! Now we are at the campsite at lake wellington and having some epic sunset view out of our camper - just a good place for one night :) Lets see what's up tomorrow 😊

4 October 2017

We have got our van back 😍 well, this one is a bit older but still does the job! first thing we drove along great ocean road towards the twelve apostles. the apostles are massive limestone formations and one of the big sights in australia but actually not 12 but 9 rocks 🤓 it was really busy and touristy there but still beautiful!

2 October 2017

So happy to finally be in australia! We spent 3 days in melbourne strolling through busy streets and laneways full of streetart like the hosier lane. We also checked out the really BIG malls where you could buy simply everything 😅 On the third day we wanted to go to st. kilda but dominic didnt feel well so we went to see a doctor where we basically waited the whole day - but fortunatelly dominic feels quite good again :) We'll get our campervan tomorrow, lets see where we headed first ✌

26 September 2017

We spent our last days in new zealand close to christchurch. We visited the frenchie peninsula called akaroa which is known for lovely little towns and bays. The next day we were heading to the willowbank wildlife senctuary in christchurch to see some of the native animals like the most beloved kiwi! Looking forward to our flight to melbourne 😍

24 September 2017

With horrible muscle ache (theresa less than dominic) because of the mt. isthmus hike we drove to queenstown where we stayed overnight. We grabed awesome burger at Fergburger, they said it's a must do (or eat) when in Queenstown. They were not as good as burgerfuel burger though. The next day we drove along the streets without any plan and landed at lake ohau in the middle of snow powdered mountains where we spent our night hoping for a clear sky because is should be one of the best places on earth for stargazing. Unfortunately it was all cloudy and stormy this night. At this point we are just looking forward to christchurch on wednesday - let's see what we will do the next 3 days until AUSTRALIA 😍 By the way, check out this short edit of our new zealand trip: ✌

23 September 2017

Mt. Isthmus - after more than 8km steep walk we reached the peak at 1386 m.a.s.l. - the view was amazing. We saw lake hawea and lake wanaka as well, the mountains was powdered with white snow - an incredible and absolute unique panorama! ⛰

22 September 2017

We were staying in Haast overnight and headed via Haast Pass to Wanaka in the morning. On the way we stopped to see the Roaring Billy Falls - a clear blue river ran dry for 2/3 so you could go see the fall from close. we got attacked by a whole lot of sandflies there, they're the dracula and a real pest of the westcoast! so after using insect repellent we carried on driving to the blue pools. a little gorge and again incredibly blue, icecold water pools. When we arrived in Wanaka we first treated ourselves by getting Coffee and Cake and enjoying the sunshine. Wanaka is a small, cool place with lot of young and nice people around and fancy cafés and shops - it's our fav city/village so far. we actually came here to hike Roys Peak but the tack is closed so we will hike Mt. Isthmus tomorrow 🏔✌️ PS: when visiting the westcost of southisland it's necessary to bring insect repellent ☣️💀

21 September 2017

today we visited Hokitika Gorge. It is known to be filled with glacial milky blue water. a pretty wobbly swingbridge allows to cross the river but the track doesn't go much further than a few hundred metres. it was beautiful but frankly, i expected a bit more of such a highly advertised sight.

20 September 2017

The Operara Basin north of Karamea is the largest limestone formation in de southern hemisphere. It's surrounded by magnificent bush and whiskey coloured river and the pictureque mirror tarn tucked away in the bush. Of course we had to fly the drone! ⌘

19 September 2017

having reached the southisland we headed straight to the able tasman national park wich is the most visited national park in new zealand (by the way we have been nearly alone). We got to a beautiful beach by taxi boat, up there we did a 13km walk back to our camper, the nature and wildlife at the national park is amazing but its looks quite similar the whole track 😅

17 September 2017

Hey guys ✌ we arrived in wellington, the capital city of new zealand. Its a bit cooler and lovelier than auckland. We visited the national museum of New Zealand "Te Papa" where we got more details of the culture and history of warfare of new zealand - its really worth seeing!! (and it's free - perfect for bad weather and i guess you could spend more than two days in there and still haven't seen everything) On the next day we got the interislander ferry to the southisland of new zealand ⛴ Cheers!

15 September 2017

We stuck around Lake Taupō for nearly 2 days because we really wanted to walk the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Unfortunatelly it turned out to be almost impossible due to bad weather conditions so we considered this as over and headed to Tongariro National Park but we felt a bit lost there. It's a massive place and the wheater was real foggy with zero visibility thus we set off to see the westcoast! After spending the night in Awakino we drove along the coast road towards New Plymouth where the Elephant Rock and the Three Sisters were. We spent the afternoon in New Plymouth with coffee and pizza ☕️🍕= ♥️ Off to Wellington tomorrow ✌️

13 September 2017

We actually wanted to see Hobbiton today, located near Matamata but it was 80 bucks and visitors came in crowds so we decided not to go and instead visit the geothermal area of Waimangu Volcanic Valley. It's the world's youngest geothermal system created when Mt. Tarawera erupted in 1886. We saw steaming crater lakes and streams. 🌋

12 September 2017

we hit de road for nearly a whole day to go down south from cape reinga to coromandel where we stayed for the night to go explore the peninsula the day after. we had really fun visiting cathedral cove and exploring this nice spot. luckily there were just a few other people! afterwards we went to the hot water beach. this place is just unbeliveable! you dig yourself a hole in the sand at low tide and actually really hot water comes up! The weather was really changeable that day and we got wet for like three times but this warmed us up ✌️

10 September 2017

We left wooleys bay and drove 5min to matapouri where the mermaid pools were. There we didn't actually see the pools but we climbed up a rock where we had an awesome view above the whole bay. We took the chance of sunny weather to fly our drone to take a view pictures from above ⌘. After that we drove 280km the coast road up in the north to the spectacular CAPE REINGA 😍 The perks of trevelling off season: we have been the only ones there! The landscape is really picturesque - the green fields, the red rocks and massive sand dunes - just beautiful ❤

9 September 2017

Today we finally got our camper. After grocery shopping we drove 250km up north to matapouri where we are staying overnight. We are looking forward to go to cape reinga tomorrow 😍

8 September 2017

We got onto the ferry to devonport wich is just 12min from auckland city. There we "climbed" the mount victoria where we had an awesome view above auckland and its skyline.

7 September 2017

After having breakfast we went for a walk to the domain park where the auckland war museum and the wintergarden (some sort of botanical garden) was. The museum looked interesting but 25$ entrance fee was too much for us and so we went thru parnell wich is a lovely suburb of auckland with lots of cafés and shops. We got us some beer and spent the evening with our air bnb hosts 🍻

6 September 2017

After 22h flight time we arrived in auckland/new zealand 😍 First we have checked in our air bnb, its a super cool loft right in the city of auckland. We went for a walk through the busy city. The city isnt that spectacular as we expected and weather is cold and rainy. after having pizza we decide to go sleeping because of the jetlag 😴

4 September 2017

Finally: we are on our way to Auckland, New Zealand where our journey begins. currently we are in hong kong waiting for our connecting flight ✈️ can't wait to explore beautiful New Zealand! we hope you enjoy our posts ☺