United States of America · 9 Days · 47 Moments · June 2018

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!

25 June 2018

Wrapping up our cross country tour at a fine dining establishment named Cracker Barrel.
Welcome to Tampa and your torrential downpour!
Automobile Phase V
I’m hot and my bangs are horrendous!
Shuttle Phase II
Waiting to board in Chicago.
Plane Phase III
L Phase I
Train Phase II
Thank you Lauren for taking us to the train station. We will miss you and Amy!

24 June 2018

We had a great dinner at Anjou Above. My bowl of Pork Belly Ramen was amazing.
Today we’re hanging out, playing Phase 10, and watching golf.

23 June 2018

This evening we had a barbecue along we Amy’s parents and a few friends. Of course, Bobby and I won our bags game!🏆
Today we went to Make Music Normal. We drank a beer and listened to classic rock, country, hard rock, and indie folk. We heard a jazz choir and a barber shop quartet. On the we home we stopped and picked up a snack and got to try cheese curds and dough nuggets!!

22 June 2018

After a great sight seeing tour of Bloomington and Normal we had dinner at Biaggi’s. I had the Scallops & Risotto. Yes, we had three desserts. The Cheesecake & Cherries, Lemon Tower Cake, and chocolate mousse.
Went to DESTIHL Restaurant for a delicious lunch and great local beer. 🍻

21 June 2018

Automobile Phase IV
Thank you to Amy and Lauren for picking us up at the train station in the middle of the night and treating us to pizza!
Views from the train. Not a whole lot to look at unless you really like corn.
On the way! We pass a train coming into the station
Waiting on board in the train station. We’re getting a new engine!
First on. Thank You Legacy Club!
Our conductor.
Train Phase I
Uh oh.
We splurged and hung out in the Legacy Club while we waited for our train. Free Starbucks, Coke’s, and snacks. Wifi and Happy Hour twice a day.
Union Station!
All aboard!
Automobile phase III
Chicago skyline. Hahahaha hahahaha
Pretty day in Chicago!
Goodbye Louisville.
Lovin the middle seat!
Plane Phase II
Louisville sunflowers.
We can’t say we didn’t see a horse and jockey!

18 June 2018

We’re having a good visit!
Hello Grandma!
Automobile phase II. Can anyone say upgrade!

17 June 2018

Not Patrick’s or Del Frisco’s but the peanuts were free!
First plane. On the way to Louisville!
It’s a Starbuzz in a coconut!
A happy traveler!
On the way! Automobile phase. Driving to Tampa.