Indonesia · 8 Days · 2 Moments · October 2014

Pincky's adventure in Indonesia

2 November 2014

Indonesia <3

26 October 2014

I'm a travel addiccted. Every second i think about my next destination. I had an opportunity to go to Indonesia to visit my best friend Fani and spend some great moments together. I bought my fly ticket and after 25 hours i was in Indonesia - Jacarta. Took another airplane to Semarang. My first impression from this city was the unbelivable hot weathet.... I couldn't breath... Everyone wanted to take a picture with me, for them you are very interesting. People of Indonesia are very polite and cute, they want to be of favour to you, to help you if you need help... I have never felt fear not for a second. My friend Fani took me from the airport and we went to her house near the university. I was surprised ... She was living in the jungle :D no it wasnt real jungle but i call this place the jungle... She was living in a big white house only for women volunteers. My first clash with reality was when I desicided take a shower... There wasn't a shower.