Malaysia, Singapore · 4 Days · 33 Moments · July 2016

Pigging Out in Penang

30 July 2016

Last night in Penang... the hunt for food continues on the walk back to the hotel
Once a month, Khoo Kongsi hosts a cultural evening and the compound is lighted up
The elegant E&O high tea
Checking out the E&O until it's time for tea!
The wanderlust continues...
Cat cafe
Exploring Georgetown on foot... The Peranakan houses are so beautifully updated and there is street art everywhere.
Master popiah skin maker in Chowrasta Market. His entire family seems to have learnt the craft. We bought super delicious candy wrapped in popiah skin to try.
Early start timed to coincide with the light aiming straight at the Hokkien Mee vendor's face. Good for photography, but a tad too early for the soup to be fully robust.

29 July 2016

A walk around Georgetown in the Khoo Kongsi vicinity. The coconut ice cream was surprisingly good!
The popiah lived up to the hype! We weren't at all hungry, but it still tasted amazing! Very different from any popiahs i've had before, since this was very pale yet tasty, and the spooned the gravy over the popiah. Super retro coffee shop packed full of people waiting to eat this dish.
Another time warped town! Wandering around waiting for the popiah stall to open for the day!
Photoshoot time at random locations!
Lunch at some famous shack that was filled to the brim with customers ordering their curry prawns. This is when I learnt that my tummy really could not tolerate large amounts of curry, regardless of how much my mouth enjoyed it!
When roadkill resembles a dissection class in a town with a harbour. Great street food!
Charcoal factory
Photography lesson with David Hagerman... nothing beats the study of life and light in a busy wet market!

28 July 2016

Back to Tek Sen for more double cooked pork and to try the other dishes!
Henna artist
Street art in Georgetown
Back to Georgetown for more food! Ffion wanted to try an ice ball... I don't think she was too impressed.
The hunt was then on to find a facial powder factory in Balik Pulau. Raj must surely be hating me for taking him out of his comfort zone by this stage! 😇 There wasn't any activity at the factory, but the owner kindly showed us the various stages of production from fermenting rice to the final white pellets. Supposedly good for acne, so Ffion bought a bottle to try.
Balik Pulau is quite stuck in a time warp!
Cute sojourn to Audi Farm to feed and pet the animals. I loved the little birds that swarmed over my hand in search of food.
Other creepy crawlies at Entopia. Quite fascinated with the baby scorpions!
Then off to the newly revamped Butterfly Garden. The complex was beautifully updated and a total change from the shed it used to be.
Raj then recommended Ah Leng's char kway teow as an alternative to our usual favourite cooked by the famous sisters. Very disappointing... I found the dish quite bland. Raj was failing very badly this trip!
The beautiful Peranakan Mansion. Was nice to have a guide this time round, so we learnt more about the life of the people who owned and lived in the house.
Breakfast of champions... curry and prata!

27 July 2016

View of the E&O from our hotel room window
Last grub stop before check-in was to Tek Sen, having heard too many rave reviews to ignore any longer. Had the famous double cooked pork which was delicious!
Then into Georgetown for the famous Chendol. I insisted on looking for the guy on McAllister Road, but he wasn't around. so no choice back to the touristy usual stall which was ok but not wow.
First stop durian! Our driver Raj swore this stall was good, but it was expensive and pretty crap! Very disappointing start to the eating odyssey... The only interesting part was the use of a husk splitter to cut the fruit open. We guess he must be getting some huge kickback from this stall for bringing his guests over.